Flavoutech Pty Ltd

Flavourtech are helping customers grow their business by assisting them in producing a differentiated product easily and flexibly to meet the demands of their own customers.  They are setting the standard on how industry sectors such as coffee, tea, flavour, dairy, alcoholic beverages, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacture High Quality end products. 

They are a world leader in the development, design and manufacture of thin film distillation, evaporation and extraction systems​ based on spinning cone technology. With a focus on using low temperature and short residence times to achieve higher quality end products Flavourtech can assist in just about any application.

Our range of products include:

  • Spinning Cone Column (SCC)​ – Used for Aroma Recovery, Flavour Management and Extraction. The SCC is a unique, gentle steam stripping column that efficiently and cost effectively separates volatile compounds such as aroma and flavours from either clear liquids or thick viscous slurries. Applications include: liquid flavours from coffee, tea, vegetables, meat and fruit juice and juice purees; production of zero and low alcohol beer and wine;
  • Centritherm® Evaporator​ – A centrifugal thin film spinning cone evaporator utilising low temperatures. Its unique design develops the thinnest film possible in any evaporator and the product takes only one second to pass over the heat surface typically at 50o​C or less. The unit is particularly suited for the concentration of heat sensitive, valuable or viscous products.
  • Integrated Extraction System (IES)​ – A modular system combining the technology of the SCC and the Centritherm Evaporator. The system allows for the simultaneous extraction of aroma and soluble solids in a closed, continuous system to produce a premium quality concentrate. The IES system is utilised to manufacture high quality RTD and instant coffee and tea products in Asia, Europe and the USA
  • Rotating Disc Column (RDC) ​– A continuous plug flow reactor where time, temperature (up to 200o​C) and pressure (up to 20 Bar) can be controlled to ensure reproducible conditions for all particles. One of the main uses of the RDC is as an extraction system in the soluble coffee industry where only 20 minutes is required to achieve the same soluble solids yields as standard batch systems that could take 2 hours.
  • Centritherm Short-Path evaporator​ – Using the unique features of short contact time, the Centritherm has been further developed to achieve temperatures of up to 250o​ C and vacuums up to 0.01mbar. An internal condenser allows the system to be used for applications including refining, deodourising and purifying fish oils; purification and removal of pesticides and waxes from essential oils and citrus oils; recovery and purification of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

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