Fortress Technology

Fortress Technology

Fortress Technology began in 1996; believing that through superior product design and engineering, the production of higher quality equipment with better sensitivities could be achieved.  The phenomenal market response to our Fortress Phantom line of metal detectors has validated that belief and the philosophy on which it is based;  simple operation, outstanding reliability, and exceptional performance. 

We continue to set the trend with technological advancements. Our Stealth Metal Detector is an evolutionary design that offers full backwards compatibility for existing Fortress systems.  Thus ensuring our customers aren’t left behind when new technology is developed, enabling them to stay up to date with food safety initiatives.

Our automated data collection technology was created to keep our customers ahead of Food Safety initiatives as they arise. We have developed technology and features that assist in product testing. Thereby ensuring proper functionality while avoiding mistakes and reducing costs.

We custom design and manufacture our equipment to suit your needs.  If you are running a high speed product line, you need the detector to reject test samples properly; without false rejects.  We design our equipment to do that for you and without the operator requiring an engineering degree.

We have absolute confidence in our products; if they do not perform as anticipated, we will work with you to rectify the situation or provide a full refund.

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