Innova Food Ingredients

Innova Food Ingredients

Innova as industrial & ingredients division of CAPSA FOOD, manufactures and sells a wide range of dairy ingredients, including basic products and special products aimed at improving the quality, usability and health of consumers, by offering effective solutions to the demands of the food industry.

In its two extremely well-located factories, in Granda (Asturias) and Lugo (Galicia), Innova produces powdered milk, dairy derivatives, functional ingredients and milk proteins. It offers many options for its clients who are looking for a distinguished and quality product.

Our high industrial capacity allows us to offer solutions for an extensive range of dairy product uses in different sectors: dairy, meat, ice-cream, bread-making, biscuits, frozen products, nutritional and sport products, among others.  Innova looks for ad hoc solutions to offer its industrial partners and final clients.

Apart from commodities our product range is focused on Lactose Free Milk Powders​, successfully used by different companies producing chocolates, nutritional beverages, yoghourts and desserts due to its special manufacturing characteristics, our Demineralised Whey​ with a high protein percentage and low ash content and our top quality Milk Protein Concentrates​.

We are proud to offer our clients quality products supported by most reputable food certifications like Halal, Kosher, ISO or BRC/IFS.