InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc.

Inter Health


InterHealth N.I, a leader in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of unique, value-added nutritional ingredients for use in dietary supplements and functional foods & beverages. Our commitment to our customers is to deliver unique, high-quality ingredients based on scientific research, strong intellectual property, and a powerful marketing program.




InterHealth’s ingredients are among the most widely researched in the industry. Proprietary product claims are supported by reliable, third-party research. Independent studies conducted at prominent universities substantiate the safety, efficacy and the quality of our products and are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.



Intellectual Property

InterHealth’s strong intellectual property, including composition, process and method of use patents, distinct trademarks, and proprietary product claims enable manufacturers to add value and differentiate their products.




InterHealth provides strong customer support with unique co-branding opportunities and marketing programs. This includes technical, marketing and regulatory support, as well as distinctive product logos that enhance the marketability of the finished products.



Product Innovation

InterHealth is known for its functional ingredients that address many of the most important health concerns facing consumers today, including weight management, blood sugar control, cardiovascular support, joint health and antioxidant protection.

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