Lallemand Human Nutrition A/S


Since its foundation in the early 20th century, Lallemand has focused on the production of yeast for the North-American baking industry. Using its knowledge base and technological assets in microbiology and fermentation, we have come to serve the needs of other industries. Today Lallemand is one of the world leaders in the supply of yeast and bacteria to various industries, including Animal and Human Nutrition. 
Lallemand Health Ingredients​ 
Lallemand Health Ingredients manages the sales and service of strategic ingredients to the supplement and functional food industry. LHI works in close contact with customers to develop and formulate supplements for a variety of health segments. This entails regulatory supports, advice on choice of raw materials and positioning of products. 
LHI is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, where warehousing, sales and service is located. LHI works in compliance with HACCP regulations and is audited regularly by The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. 
Lallemand Health Ingredients is manufacturing, distributing and marketing a selected range of health ingredients to the supplement industry. LHI offers worldwide Lalmin®, a complete line of highly bioavailable mineral yeasts and vitamin B yeast, and Glucan-Pur, a yeast beta-glucan. A range of plant extracts including Nutrican, a line of cranberry powders is also available in Europe.