Lipid Nutrition B.V.


Lipid Nutrition​ innovates and market scientifically sound lipid ingredients from natural origin that improve and maintain health and well being. Our products, scientific research, marketing, delivery and customer service allow our customers to excel in the growing nutritional supplement and functional food industries.

Lipid Nutrition builds on Loders Croklaan's 110+ year history of developing and producing specialty fats and oils. Our expertise in R&D is undisputed and unmatched. We create scientifically sound lipid ingredients targeted to a need and respond quickly to customer demands. We're constantly working to develop and introduce new breakthrough products. That's what makes Lipid Nutrition the supplier of choice for nutritional supplement and food companies worldwide.

The current product range comprises:

  • Clarinol™ - Concentrated CLA for weight management
  • PinnoThin™ - A new breakthrough appetite suppressant
  • Marinol™ - Naturally concentrated fish oil for hearth health and brain development
  • Betapol™ - Human Milk Fat substitute for infant nutrition
  • Safflorin™ - isomerized safflower oil for immune health