Red Arrow Products Company LLC

Red Arrow

Red Arrow’s authentic savory flavors emulate the most desirable Flavors from the Kitchen™. Our condensed natural smoke and genuine cooking method flavors replicate the irresistible flavors of smoked, grilled, roasted, charred, sautéed, caramelized or fried foods. We also produce innovative browning agents that enhance the eating experience by improving the visual appeal of cooked foods.

Simply put, we create top-quality, authentic, mouthwatering flavors that are easy-to-incorporate and cost-effective thereby making it easier for you to obtain that cravable flavor each and every time your customer takes a bite. We work with you to add that specific, desired taste to make your product stand above all other choices. Beyond our complete line of developed products, we stand ready to assist in creating a signature flavor that will distinguish your product. We proudly offer savory solutions that are natural, authentic, environmentally friendly, and healthier for the end consumer.

Red Arrow is committed to providing our customers with unmatched value. This value is achieved through being more than a supplier of the most authentic cooking flavors in the industry. It’s through dedication, knowledge and support to assist you in every facet of product development.

We're ready to accept your flavor challenge with a savory solution. Simply go to and give us the details. We'll deliver a custom, authentic flavor that is guaranteed to enhance customer satisfaction.