TNO, research partner in Food and Nutrition

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TNO is an independent research organization that combines academic excellence, CRO expertise and knowledge of international markets and policies. Our ambition is to play a leading role in the development of healthier and safer food products and concepts so that everybody can enjoy healthy food with confidence. To achieve this goal, TNO executes three innovative research programs with a specific focus:

  • Food and health. TNO has developed an innovative concept to define and measure health. Via challenge-tests we measure the body’s ability to cope with external stressors. TNO also explores the influence of the GI tract on health and well-being and collaborates in an academic and industrial network to identify new physiological and molecular targets to optimize body-weight regulation.
  • Innovative food concepts. TNO works with a comprehensive approach that empowers ingredient suppliers and food manufacturers to efficiently solve issues of ingredient, product and process development and reformulation. TNO experts in these areas can team up to assists industrial partners to make sustainable products with a healthy composition and develop processes that save energy and water.
  • Food safety. TNO develops new methods for safety assessment and risk management that allow manufacturers and governments to obtain rapid insight into the risks of complex food products. In addition, TNO’s work on food allergy should deliver more efficient assessment protocols and better understanding of factors determining allergenicity.