The Wright Group

The Wright Group

The Wright Group is a turnkey provider of customized nutritional blends, premixes, and nutritional ingredients to some of the global leaders in the growing functional food and nutritional supplement markets. With a strong reputation built over its 50-year history, Wright manufactures and supplies high-quality products composed of nutrient-rich raw materials with enrichment applications in a broad line of functional foods, beverages, nutritional supplements and other nutritional-based end products. The Company utilizes its industry-leading R&D and technical capabilities to produce superior formulations that optimize the nutritional value and performance of its customers’ end products. The Company also leverages its knowledge and expertise to complement its products with value-added technical services and continuous customer support. Wright’s unique product and service offerings combined with its manufacturing flexibility enables it to create customized fortification solutions that address specific customer needs. The Company’s product customization capabilities and value-added services distinguish Wright in the marketplace and provide a significant competitive advantage. Wright’s broad knowledge across a wide variety of competencies allows the Company to provide Balanced SolutionsÒ to meet every customer’s needs.

Product Lines

  • SuperCoat® - Microencapsuled nutrients
  • SuperBlend® - Customized nutrient premixes
  • SuperTab® - Directly compressible ingredients
  • O3 Complete™ - Omega-3 products
  • WrightMade® - Bakery ingredients
  • NutraRice® - Nutrient fortified concentrated rice products
  • IronRice® - Iron fortified rice concentrate
  • Vit-A-Rice® - Vitamin A fortified rice concentrate

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