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WACKER offers tailored and innovative solutions and products for the life-science sector. In particular for the functional food and nutraceutical industry, we provide an inventive range of materials and solutions for improving products and processes.

By complexation with WACKER’s CAVAMAX®​ gamma-cyclodextrin the bioavailability of certain ingredients can be increased considerably. CAVACURMIN®​ is a highly​ bioavailable curcumin​ powder, which is about 40 times more efficiently absorbed​ compared to pure curcumin powder or some leading commercial curcumin supplement products.

Hydroxytyrosol is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants. HTEssence®​ is highly pure (98%)​ nature-identical hydroxytyrosol​ and comes as a pure and white, odorless ​product.

WACKER offers also a soluble dietary fiber​ that is scientifically proven to significantly reduce the post-prandial glycaemic response​ – an effect officially acknowledged by the EU with a health claim. The fiber CAVAMAX®​ W6​ is a naturally occurring oligosaccharide derived from starch. Moreover can CAVAMAX®​ W6 be used for molecular encapsulation​ solutions for odor or taste masking​ and to stabilize sensitive ingredients​.

WACKER also produces a high-quality range of non-human, non-animal derived L-cysteine​ products. Starting from raw materials of vegetable origin and inorganic trace elements, we manufacture by our patented fermentation process. Our L-cysteine products are approved for the use in vegetarian, kosher and halal foods​.