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Should booze come with a Nutrition Facts panel?

Should booze come with a Nutrition Facts panel?

By Elaine WATSON

We all know that too much alcohol can make you drunk, but it can also make you fat, say consumer groups who argue that bottles of beer, wine and spirits should come with a Nutrition Facts panel that clearly states how many calories they contain per serving.

“Enough already with the emphasis on fresh fish, fresh produce (not frozen or canned), low-fat dairy products exclusively, expensive nuts (pistachios rather than peanuts) and so on. The reality for many people is starkly different,

The 2015 dietary guidelines: the RD's wish list

By Maggie Hennessy

This week, a panel of 15 experts convened in Washington, DC to discuss the next round of federal dietary guidelines for Americans. FoodNavigator-USA asked representatives of the nutrition community to weigh in on what they’d like to see addressed in the...

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