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Habit personalized nutrition CEO: 'We're not just biology-based, we're behavior-based'

Habit meal delivery business on hold as testing and nutrition plan components ramp up

Habit personalized nutrition CEO: 'We're not just biology-based, we're behavior-based'

By Elaine Watson

Personalized nutrition platform Habit was originally billed as "food company, not just a recommendation engine." However, delivery of customized fresh prepared meals based on its dietary advice – trialed in the Bay Area last year – is on hold...

“Early on we saw the potential in fermented foods; the ability to influence nutrition through the transformative process of fermentation is powerful,” said co-founder Tim Klatt

Barrel Creek Provisions breathes new life into fermented foods

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Barrel Creek Provisions has undergone a brand transformation to establish itself as a formidable player in the fermented foods category, a market that continues to grow alongside consumers’ interest in gut health and probiotics.

Outstanding Foods: 'We want to make it easier for everyone to eat more plant-based foods, not because they are being preached at or judged, but because they taste incredible...'

'We started by looking at where we could really own a category'

Ready to pig out (minus the bacon)? Outstanding Foods gears up for launch

By Elaine Watson

Vegan jerky is picking up steam, but hasn’t set the world on fire, yet. And while bacon-flavored potato and corn chips are a staple in the salty snacks aisle, they don’t pretend to replicate the taste and texture of a strip of bacon. But what if you could...

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