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ROAR Beverages wants to capture the attitude of its young consumer audience through flavor and packaging innovation.

ROAR Beverages CEO: ‘We’re not trying to be another Gatorade’

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Looking to bridge the gap between sports and functional drinks, ROAR Beverages created a line of performance drinks using coconut water and packaged it with bold designs to cater towards a younger consumer, CEO Roly Nesi told BeverageDaily.

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Data dive, hands-on approach both advocated as trend spotting methods

By Hank Schultz

What drives new trends? Is this best discovered seeing them unfold in real time at hands of innovators, or are they better discerned via a deep dive into marketing data?  Both approaches were presented at the recent Healthy & Natural Show in Chicago.

The babyfood category is ripe for reinvention, says OrgaNums

The baby food category is ripe for reinvention, says OrgaNums

By Elaine Watson

Refrigerated babyfood presents merchandising challenges for retailers, but has the potential to create a new super-premium subsegment in a category in need of fresh thinking, says Ashley Rossi, founder of organic baby food brand OrgaNums, which debuted...

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