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Soylent: 'Proudly Made with GMOs'

By Elaine Watson

It’s a bold move given how highly-charged – and extremely polarized - the debate has become, but Los Angeles-based start-up Soylent has weighed into the conversation over genetically engineered food crops with a blog post entitled: 'Soylent: Proudly...

Source: Pique Tea

Pique Tea reimagines tea into a more convenient format

By Elizabeth Crawford

The time consuming process and mess of brewing tea from loose leaves or bags deters many Americans from fully embracing it as a healthy alternative to sugary sodas and juices, but market newcomer Pique Tea, Inc. wants to make the healthy choice the easy...

SuperMeat founder on why cultured meat will change the world

SuperMeat is working on cultured chicken liver meat, minced meat and chicken breast meat

SuperMeat founder: ‘The first company that gets to market with cultured meat that is cost effective is going to change the world’

By Elaine Watson

Cultured meat may be a novelty today, but it could be a food staple in the future, predicts Israeli start-up SuperMeat, which claims to have developed a process enabling cells to grow more rapidly with fewer inputs than rivals, without using animal serum.

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