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Source: J&J Snack Foods Corp.

Limit certifications on packs to most important to maximize impact

By Elizabeth Crawford

Product packaging today often is cluttered with so many certifications that consumers’ can’t absorb everything in the brief time they look at labels in stores, and as a result the icons’ impact is diminished and manufacturers likely aren’t getting their...

Source: Suji's Korean Cuisine

Suji’s Korean Cuisine balances authentic with the familiar

By Elizabeth Crawford

Today’s consumers claim to want bold, authentic flavors, but many still shy away from unrecognizable foods – giving manufacturers the difficult task of presenting new products or flavors in a familiar way that still respects their authenticity. 

RangeMe teams up with the Healthy & Natural Show

RangeMe teams up with the Healthy & Natural Show

RangeMe, an online platform which streamlines new product discovery between suppliers and retailers, has teamed up with FoodNavigator-USA's publisher William Reed Business Media to help facilitate new product discovery at The Healthy and Natural...

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