Food labeling and marketing

Kalsec's line of natural antioxidants is based on rosemary extract.

Special edition: All-natural: How clean is your label?

Natural preservatives pack efficacy, marketing punch

By Hank Schultz

The term ‘natural’ has been used to mean so many things that it means less all the time, except as a starting point for class action lawsuits.  But tell consumers you’re getting rid of artificial preservatives and you’ve telling them something meaningful,...

What do consumers mean by 'natural'? And how does it correspond to food companies' idea of 'clean label'?

What do ‘natural’ and ‘clean label’ mean anyway?


Market researchers tell us that consumers are seeking ‘natural’ products more than ever – and ingredient suppliers have responded by providing ways to ‘clean up’ product labels – but what do these terms really mean?

Tate & Lyle 'disappointed' by CSPI's note of caution on sucralose

Tate & Lyle 'disappointed' by CSPI's note of caution about sucralose

By Elaine WATSON

Tate & Lyle says it is “very disappointed” that the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has removed sucralose from the ‘safe’ category in its guide to food additives on the back of unpublished research from a scientist it claims has been...

Picture: Community Food Co-op, Montana

Maine House backs GMO labeling bill

By Elaine WATSON

The campaign for mandatory GMO labeling gained a further boost this week as the Maine House of Representatives voted 141-4 in favor of LD 718, a bill that would require foods made with ingredients from biotech crops to carry the label ‘Produced with Genetic...

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