Food labeling and marketing

Traditional grocery stores capture 43% of health and wellness spending, with just 16% of consumers' health and wellness dollars going to large health food stores like Whole Foods.

AlixPartners survey highlights the potential of health category 'super' consumers

Small group of health category ‘superusers’ spend $161bn per year

By Maggie Hennessy

Despite that they comprise just 26% of the population, Americans who spend more than 40% of their food and beverage budgets on health and wellness-related products account for 61% of total spending for the sector, or more than $161 billion annually, according...

What strategies are working, both for plaintiffs and defendants,  in 'all-natural' food labeling litigation?

What next for all-natural claims?

By Elaine WATSON

One of the most emotive - and politically-charged - claims in food labeling, ‘all-natural’ is also one of the most hotly disputed from a legal perspective.

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