Food labeling and marketing

Fresh and convenient: Part-preparation could be the answer

Fresh and convenient: Part-preparation could be the answer

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Consumer demand for less processing, fresher ingredients and more participation in food preparation is a huge challenge for the processed food industry, but there are ways that food manufacturers can respond to this demand, according to experts at the...

Tate & Lyle's Alabama sucralose plant was the first in the world to produce the high intensity sweetener on an industrial scale

Sucralose: Can Tate & Lyle keep its first-mover advantage?

By Elaine Watson

For a long time, Tate & Lyle had the sucralose market to itself. It discovered it, patented it to the hilt, and perfected the manufacturing process at plants capable of producing it on an industrial scale.

Tate & Lyle's re-opened sucralose plant in McIntosh, Alabama

Interview, James Blunt, senior VP, product management and marketing, Tate & Lyle

Finding the sweet spot: Sucralose in an evolving sweeteners market

By Elaine Watson

It’s not as sexy as stevia, and not as cheap as aspartame, but sucralose continues to press food formulators’ buttons, and demand is still growing – fast - says market leader Tate & Lyle.

Linda Eatherton: 'Consumers want food companies to behave more like NGOs. They want you to be activists and advocates for social change...'

Dispatches from IFT Wellness 2012

IFT Wellness 2012 trend watch: Protein is hot hot hot

By Elaine Watson

Once the preserve of sweaty men pumping iron, protein has emerged from an image overhaul as the ingredient of choice for food developers targeting consumers of all ages and both genders keen to battle the bulge and stay strong, according to one trends...

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