Food safety

Quorn vigorously denies allegations in wrongful death lawsuit

Quorn 'categorically rejects' allegations in wrongful death lawsuit

By Elaine Watson

Quorn Foods has launched a vigorous defense of its ‘mycoprotein’ meat substitutes in the wake of a wrongful death lawsuit filed in California by the parents of Miles Bengco, an 11-year-old boy alleged to have had a severe allergic reaction to one of its...

Neal Carter: ‘The claim that we might inadvertently clobber other genes in Arctic apples is completely false’

We’re not trying to hide the fact that we’re using genetic engineering

Arctic Apples creator Neal Carter: We really think this will be a game changer

By Elaine Watson

While anti-GMO activists warn that the technology behind non-browning ‘Arctic apples’ is untested, unnecessary, and "dangerously imprecise", the grower behind them says he’s confident that the food industry and the American public will come...

FDA finds some dark chocolate includes undeclared milk

FDA finds some dark chocolate includes undeclared milk

By Elizabeth Crawford

A new study revealing that a significant portion of dark chocolate products sold in the U.S. may contain undeclared milk could shake some consumers’ confidence in the industry in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day – one of the category’s most significant...

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