GMO Labeling

OatSweet contains proteins, fibers and lipids as well as maltose and glucose (which provide the sweetness).

Special edition: Natural sweeteners

Novel oat-based sweetener rides crest of non-GMO wave

By Elaine WATSON

The first wave of products containing a new natural sweetener from oats called OatSweet have hit shelves in the US, and the firm behind it is now in talks with leading food and beverage manufacturers about incorporating it into everything from ice cream...

EFSA slam Monsanto GM cancer study as scientifically unsound

EFSA slams GM cancer study as not ‘scientifically sound’

By Nathan Gray

The European Food Safety Authority says recent research linking Monsanto’s herbicide and genetically modified maize to an increased risk of cancer and premature death is of ‘insufficient scientific quality to be considered valid.’

Exposure to low levels of the genetically modified crop could result in a ‘greatly increased’ risk of tumors’ and premature death, say French researchers.

‘Safe’ levels of Monsanto herbicide and GM crop linked to cancer

By Nathan Gray

Long term exposure to even relatively low levels of Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup and a genetically modified resistant crop strain could result in a ‘greatly increased’ risk of tumors’ and premature death, according to new findings in rats.

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