Greek yogurt

Distinctions in yogurt, kefir abound at Expo East

Expo East in review

Distinctions in yogurt, kefir abound at Expo East

By Elizabeth Crawford

The yogurt category continues to evolve and expand with more refined varieties, including yogurt from sheep, goats and grass fed animals, as well as lactose free options. The kefir category also is expanding in tandem, as demonstrated by the array of...

Is fat officially back? Whole milk and butter are surging ahead, while margarine and skim milk fall behind

Whole milk, cheese and butter surge ahead; margarine, skim milk and frozen yogurt fall backwards

Who are the winners and losers in the US dairy products market?

By Elaine Watson

New data on the US retail market for dairy products reveals strong dollar sales growth for butter, whole milk, cream, kefir, and natural cheese, but a lackluster performance from low fat and skim milk, frozen yogurt and margarine, suggesting Americans...

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