Healthy snacking

Products such as Tio Gazpacho blur the boundaries between meals and snacks

How do snacking habits vary according to the time of day?

By Elaine Watson

Whether consumers opt for savory or sweet snacks is typically determined by the time of day, with savory snack consumption peaking at noon and sweet snack consumption peaking at 8pm, whereas better-for-you snack consumption is predicated more by place,...

Explosive growth for That's It bars as snackers seek simplicity

That's it enjoys explosive growth as snackers seek simplicity

By Elaine Watson

When Dr Lior Lewensztain first started pitching That’s it fruit bars to retailers, pretty much everyone he talked to wanted in. Three and a half years later he is in tens of thousands of locations nationwide from Starbucks to 7-Eleven, and sales are still...

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