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How easy - and how expensive - is it to source non-GMO ingredients?

How easy - and how expensive - is it to source non-GMO ingredients?

By Elaine WATSON

With the debate over Prop 37 heating up, a new class action lawsuit over ‘all-natural’ claims on products containing GMOs filed every week, and Monsanto in the firing line following a damaging study on GM maize, more and more manufacturers are exploring...

Kalsec rosemary extracts “allow for addition directly into the cereal and provide performance without contributing the bitter, off flavors associated with other natural antioxidants”, says Gary Augustine

Natural antioxidant offers shelf-life boost for extruded cereals

By Elaine WATSON

Rosemary extracts can deliver a significant reduction in the formation of hexanal - a marker for oxidation in foods - without the bitter off-flavors associated with other natural antioxidants, tests by natural extract specialist Kalsec have revealed. 

Plaintiff Kevin Anderson argues that Jamba Juice’s ‘all-natural’ smoothie kits deceive consumers because they contain “unnaturally processed, synthetic and/or non-natural ingredients” including ascorbic acid, citric acid, xanthan gum and steviol glycosides...

Jamba Juice all-natural lawsuit moves into new phase

By Elaine Watson

A California judge has granted in part a motion to dismiss a class action lawsuit filed against Jamba Juice over ‘all-natural’ claims, but has given the plaintiff the right to amend his complaint.

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