Plant-based foods and beverages

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What's your vision for the future of food?

By Elaine Watson

Can PepsiCo or Kraft Heinz build another brand like Pepsi or Heinz from scratch, in-house, or will they increasingly serve as scale up platforms for brands they didn’t create?

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Taste, texture, nutrition: Formulating with plant-based proteins

By Elaine Watson

Plant-based proteins are creeping into a dizzying array of foods and beverages, from dairy-free ‘milks,’ ‘cheeses’ and ‘yogurts’ to protein bars, chips, powders and meat analogs. But what are they like to work with? FoodNavigator-USA caught up with experts...

Quorn moves into the refrigerated aisles

Quorn moves into the refrigerated aisles with its fungi-based proteins

By Elaine Watson

Meat-free brand Quorn – which has a big presence in the UK chilled food market, but has historically focused on the frozen segment in the US – has developed a new line of meat- and soy-free refrigerated sausages and chicken strips that will roll out across...

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