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Source: Acosta

Holiday grocery spending on the rise, Acosta finds

By Elizabeth Crawford

Nearly three-quarters of US consumers will host a meal or a party this holiday season, and to ensure their guests leave jolly and full 57% of shoppers say they will spend more on groceries during this season than last, according to a new study by Acosta. 

Big food firms are climate smart but social media stupid

By David Burrows

Brands are blowing a major opportunity to communicate their sustainability initiatives to millions of consumers with social media updates that are “inane, safe and saccharinely artificial in their bonhomie”, says a report.

Source: Kurbo Health

Food for kids!

Mobile app aims to help children pick healthy, portion-controlled food

By Elizabeth Crawford

Ensuring children have healthy options in their lunches and for snacks is one way to help them fight obesity, but for the times when they select their own food at restaurants and friends’ houses, a new app and coaching program from Kurbo Health Inc. can...

Do scientists need to get down from their ivory towers and try to make food science more 'approachable and easy to digest'?

'Nowadays, a food crisis starts when the Food Babe is on line two'

'Pseudoscience-busting' blogger behind SciBabe talks food science for meme lovers

By Maggie Hennessy

In an era of shorter consumer attention spans and heightened suspicion about food science, the packaged food and beverage industry can take a page from the world of pop culture and bring food science down to earth with humor and proactive transparency.

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