Mango and coconut will trump acai and pomegranate this year, predicts Sloan Trends

Special edition: FoodNavigator-USA 2012 trendspotter

By Elaine Watson

What’s on the menu for 2012? Traditional fruits, Thai and Indian cuisine, freshness, different varieties of chili, plant proteins, smoke flavors, more part-prepared foods and Asian and Latin American flavors, predict trendwatchers…

Flavor trends: What's hot and what's not?

Flavor trends: What's hot and what's not?

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Which flavors are we likely to see more of in the coming year? And what's on the way out? FoodNavigator-USA asked flavor and seasoning experts at the recent Research Chefs Association expo in Texas.

Linda Eatherton: 'Consumers want food companies to behave more like NGOs. They want you to be activists and advocates for social change...'

Dispatches from IFT Wellness 2012

IFT Wellness 2012 trend watch: Protein is hot hot hot

By Elaine Watson

Once the preserve of sweaty men pumping iron, protein has emerged from an image overhaul as the ingredient of choice for food developers targeting consumers of all ages and both genders keen to battle the bulge and stay strong, according to one trends...

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