Cold Brew

'Will any of the later entrants to the market be able to gain some traction, or is it only the horses that are already in the race that have a realistic chance of making it?'

Chameleon Cold Brew CEO: 'We are growing quickly, but smartly'

By Elaine Watson

A product only aficionados – and hipsters - had heard of a couple of years ago, cold-brew coffee is rapidly becoming an established part of any forward-thinking retailer’s beverage set. But the market has grown so explosively that a shakeout seems inevitable,...

Stumptown hot on cold brew coffee's future

'As awareness grows, more people get the chance to taste it and have that ‘aha’ moment'

Stumptown hot on cold brew coffee's future

By Maggie Hennessy

With several new ready-to-drink cold brew coffee products in the pipeline and a growing retail footprint, private equity-backed Stumptown Coffee Roasters is betting on a big future for the hottest thing in cold coffee.  


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