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FDA to add cross-linked phosphorylated RS4 to dietary fiber definition

By Mary Ellen Shoup

The FDA has ruled in favor of a citizen petition requesting dietary fiber status for MGP Ingredients' Fibersym RW and FiberRiteRW -- both resistant starches 4 (RS4) -- with the agency stating that it will propose that cross-linked phosphorylated...

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What is the dietary fiber status of gum acacia in the US?

By Elaine Watson

Gum acacia was not on the FDA’s list of ingredients classified as dietary fibers released this summer; however, key suppliers have recently met with the agency and agreed to conduct additional studies to support its health benefits ahead of submitting...

Popular diets could create opportunity for fiber ingredients

Special edition: Weight management

Popular diets could create opportunity for fiber ingredients

By Hank Schultz

The explosion of new diet plans that demonize carbohydrates offer a unique opportunity for fiber ingredients that can be added to foods or be offered as standalone dietary ingredients.

Chicory root. Picture: Cargill

ABA: Fiber suppliers are stuck in a 'holding pattern'

Nutrition Facts overhaul proves double-edged sword for inulin

By Elaine Watson

The arrival of the new-look Nutrition Facts panel (which will require manufacturers to list added sugar), is generating renewed interest in inulin: a widely-used ingredient from chicory root that also serves as a sugar replacer. But this enthusiasm is...

'Prebiotic' nature of IMOs depends on how they're made, experts say

'Prebiotic' nature of IMOs depends on how they're made, experts say

By Hank Schultz

Are all dietary fibers created equal?  As needle moves away from naturally occurring insoluble fibers in the cellulose realm such as wheat bran toward more the more recent market entrants, the purified soluble fibers, the answer seems to revolve around...

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