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Delivery format key to reaching Gen Y supplement users

By Hank Schultz

Kids don’t listen to the music their parents did.  When they got their driver’s licenses, they didn’t drive the family Buick, unless there was no choice.  And now that they are a little older, they don’t take supplements the way older generations do,...

Top analyst predicts FDA wriggle room in supplement-beverage guidance

Top analyst predicts FDA wriggle room in supplement-beverage guidance

By Ben Bouckley

With the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) poised to publish guidance on distinguishing between beverages and liquid dietary supplements, one analyst tells he doesn’t see the agency cracking down too hard on traditional energy drinks.


Goddess Energy flirts with hoodia in energy drink

By Ben Bouckley

US firm Goddess Energy has launched an energy drink for women called Flirt, which is on East Coast sale as a dietary supplement with one interesting appetite-suppressing bioactive, Hoodia Gordonii.

Lazy Larry: Not for kids

Melatonin brownie maker: ‘We’ll sell them as supplements’

By Elaine Watson

The maker of the melatonin-laced ‘relaxation’ brownies at the center of a debate over where a dietary supplement ends and a food begins says it will make “all necessary changes to market and sell the product as a supplement”.

Credit where credit is due: FDA activity is a good thing

FDA's enforcement deserves loud applause

By Stephen Daniells

A flurry of seizures, criminal charges, and warning letters shows that FDA is increasing it enforcement of dietary supplement regulations. Good for FDA and good for industry!

Food supplements proving recession-proof

Food supplements proving recession-proof

The ongoing slide of global capitalism is decimating industries, but the food supplements industry is not one of them as fraught consumers turn to its potential low-cost, anti-medical, wellness promise.


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