Donald Trump

Donald Trump's administration will not force companies to reduce salt in school meals

News in brief

Trump relaxes salty school dinner rule

By Oscar Rousseau

Meat producers do not need to restrict salt in school meals for the 2018-19 academic year, after the Trump administration said companies needed more time to reformulate products.

No US pork deal with Thailand

No US pork deal with Thailand

By Oscar Rousseau

Thailand and the US did not strike a deal to drop what one industry insider called a “de facto ban” on American pork imports when the two countries met in Washington recently.

Meat industry representatives claim GIPSA could lead to a 'cascade of litigation'

Opposition to fair play rule raised – again

By Oscar Rousseau

US poultry industry representatives have redoubled opposition to government proposals scrapping the need for farmers to prove competition harm in order to claim compensation.


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