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The RXBAR Kids​​ line, launched in June, consists of three flavors: Berry Blast, Chocolate Chip, and Apple Cinnamon Raisin

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Kellogg strikes $600m deal to buy RXBAR

By Elaine Watson

Kellogg has struck a $600m deal to buy Chicago Bar Company LLC, maker of protein bar RXBAR, which it claims is the fastest growing nutrition bar brand in the country.

Picture: istockphoto-BsWei

The Amazon effect: How will we shop for food in 2030?

By Elaine Watson

“Future generations may wonder why we took an iron trolley through cold aisles, dropped heavy boxes of soap powder into them, lifted them on conveyor belts, and then lifted them into the trunk of our car, every week!” says a new Bernstein report. But...

The ALDF has called on Tyson to decrease the speed at which chickens are slaughtered

Tyson Foods accused of abuse at Texas plant

By Chloe Ryan

Tyson Foods has been accused of using “cruel and illegal” practices at a chicken abattoir in Texas by an animal rights group that filmed undercover at the plant in Carthage.

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