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Health and sustainability are key priorities for generation alpha. Image: Getty/ insta_photos

Six things generation alpha consumers want

By Natasha Spencer-Jolliffe & Jess Spiring

As today’s teenagers become more financially independent, what do manufacturers need to know about their preferences and priorities?

How brands are capitalising on gut health. GettyImages/PeopleImages

How brands are capitalising on gut health

By Donna Eastlake

Gut health is proving to be hugely popular with consumers and enormously profitable for food and beverage manufacturers. In financial terms, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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FDA takes aim at claims for infant food allergy prevention

By Hank Schultz

The US Food and Drug Administration has taken action against two companies that claim their products can help prevent children from developing food allergies. The claims turn the products into unapproved drugs, the Agency claims.

Jarrow Rogovin calls for probiotics groups to come together to build science and win claims

Live from Probiota 2014

IPA calls for fresh global alliance in probiotics

By Shane Starling in Amsterdam

The founder of the International Probiotics Association (IPA) has called on the Global Alliance for Probiotics (GAP) to work with it to develop the science and dossiers that can win health claims in Europe and elsewhere.

Life in a European health claims wasteland

Life in a European health claims wasteland

Ka-CHING! Hear that? No it’s not the sound of overflowing cash registers as consumers throw endless wads of euros at scientifically-backed, healthy foods in greater numbers than ever before.

Bad day at the EU health claims office

Bad day at the EU health claims office

October 1 was not a good day for many in the functional foods and food supplements business in the European Union as the meaning of life under a highly restrictive health claims regime came more into focus.

A big day for European health claims

A big day for European health claims

Next Monday, June 15, is a big day for the European healthy foods and food supplements industries. Let’s call it Big Monday. Or J15.

How the EU health claims process could impact US

How the EU health claims process could impact US

How will the new health claims system in Europe impact the state of play in the North American market? Lorraine Heller speaks to a leading international ingredients supplier about the potential marketing and regulatory implications.

Choosing health claims

Special edition: Applying health claims

Choosing health claims

By Lorraine Heller

In the first in a series of articles on the potential and dangers of health claims, examines the different types of claims that can be used on food, beverage and dietary supplement products in the US.

FDA crushes cherry claims

FDA crushes cherry claims

By Jess Halliday

The FDA is unconvinced that cherries pack as much of a health punch
as some marketers of cherry-based products are claiming. It has
issued warning letters to 29 companies, telling them to stop making
disease prevention or treatment...


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