In Vitro Meat

Lab grown meat? Surely it's a matter of taste...

By Nathan Gray

I think everybody agrees that in vitro production of meat could have big potential in solving world hunger. But the technology will not be to everybody's tastes ... and until the technical challenges of flavour are addressed I imagine it will be...

Cultured meat research can be improived with industry backing

Lab-grown meat: Too revolutionary for industry backing?

By Nathan Gray

Wider interest and backing from the food industry could help boost developments in lab grown meat technology, but for now the idea may be 'too revolutionary' for manufacturers to gamble on, said experts at the launch of the world's first...

Researchers agree on lab grown meat plans

Researchers agree on lab grown meat plans

By Nathan Gray

An international group of scientists has taken a step closer to its goal of producing cultured meat by agreeing on important common positions about how to bring the research forward.


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