Los Angeles Fire Department said the inferno could have been worse

Over 170 firefighters tackle meat factory inferno

By Oscar Rousseau

A “relentless effort” from the Los Angeles Fire Department saved half of a massive meat factory in the US state of California after a “raging inferno” ripped through the facility. 

Americans are estimated to eat 20 billion hot dogs per year, according to the NHDSC

How many hot dogs do Americans eat?

By Oscar Rousseau

Baseball fans in the US are expected to devour nearly 19 million hot dogs this year, as the new Major League Baseball (MLB) season runs into play. 

There could be shortage of graduates in the food sector in a few years time, USDA claim

ADM calls for single strategy to plug jobs gap

By Oscar Rousseau

A senior Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) executive wants the public and private sectors to work on a single strategy to address the millions of jobs expected to go unfilled in food manufacturing.

The spread of bird flu represents a financial risk to poultry processors

Bird flu reaches fourth US state

By Oscar Rousseau

The US state of Georgia reported its first-ever outbreak of bird flu this week, bringing the total number of US states affected by the disease this month to four.

Meat bodies call the GIPSA rules 'draconian' and warn of a 'cascade of litigation'

US meatpackers denounce controversial fair play rules

By Oscar Rousseau

Government litigation set up to protect farmers from “egregious retaliatory practices” have been criticised by American meat boards, which suggest regulation could inflict billions of dollars of financial damage.

Memphis Meat claimed to have 'made history' with its lab-grown chicken

Chef cooks the world’s first lab-grown chicken

By Oscar Rousseau

Memphis Meats made headlines around the world with news that it had produced the world’s first lab-grown duck and chicken – now you can watch a video about the innovation. 

Businesses warned not put meat out in the snow if the power goes out

Food safety tips for storm-battered businesses

By Oscar Rousseau

Donald Trump’s government has shared food safety tips after New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia declared states of emergency as the deadly storm Stella swept across the north-eastern US.

Hard to swallow? Subway said the DNA chicken results are 'misleading'

Subway hits back at fake chicken allegation

By Oscar Rousseau

Subway has strongly denied media claims that its chicken is roughly half soy, calling the analysis “baseless” and “factually incorrect”.

No confirmed reports of listeriosis have so far been reported

California food firm hit by 26t recall

By Oscar Rousseau

US, California-based Ready Pac Foods Inc has recalled 26 tonnes (59,225 pounds) of chicken salad products that may be contaminated with listeria.

The Stein JSO-C Compact Jet Stream Oven is a good solution for smaller processors, JBT said

IPPE 2017

Compact oven created for small manufacturers of food

By Rod Addy

JBT Corp launched a compact oven for small food processors, including poultry producers and start-ups, at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) 2017 in Atlanta last week.

Frontmatec aims to revolutionise beef production with step-change robotics

IPPE 2017

New merger targets automated cattle slaughter

By Rod Addy

Newly created Frontmatec plans groundbreaking automated cattle slaughter developments, Henrik Andersen, who has just become chief executive of the business, has revealed.

Beef + Lamb chairman James Parsons said the US TPP exit is a 'major setback'

New Zealand: Trump’s TPP axe a ‘significant blow’

By Oscar Rousseau

New Zealand Beef + Lamb chairman, James Parsons, has lamented US President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), claiming the protectionist move will hurt exports.

Donald Trump ripped up the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal (Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

US meat industry wants Asia deal as Trump kills TPP

By Keith Nuthall

The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) has called on President Donald Trump to negotiate a bilateral trade deal with Asia after he withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Hans Kissle Company's sweet and sour chicken was subject to the recall

Processing defect sparks chicken recall

By Oscar Rousseau

US-based Hans Kissle Company has recalled more than 6,000lbs (2,721kg) of ready-to-eat chicken, as a possible processing flaw raised concerns that bacterial pathogens may be present in the meat.

Sonny Perdue is set to named US Ag Sec in Donald Trump's administration

Trump to pick Perdue for Ag Secretary

By Oscar Rousseau

Donald Trump is set to nominate former Georgia governor Sonny Perdue as secretary of the US Department of Agriculture as the President-elect’s inauguration looms closer.

The product is beleived to contain 'Blackened Chicken' made with both milk and wheat

Perfect Fit Meals issues chicken breast recall

By Oscar Rousseau

Texas-based healthy meal and snack business Perfect Fit Meals has recalled over 3,000 pounds (lb) of chicken breast products due to misbranding and undeclared ingredients.

The study indicated breast cancer mortality rates fell among women consuming smoked poultry or fish

Breast cancer and barbecued meat link slammed

By Oscar Rousseau

Experts have questioned a US study’s claims that higher consumption of grilled, barbecued or smoked meat may increase the premature mortality risk posed to breast cancer survivors.

The US government said the changes will better protect farmers

Meat industry anger over midnight GIPSA rule

By Oscar Rousseau

A cross-section of US meat bodies have reacted vociferously to proposed regulatory changes from government to protect farmers from “egregious” processor practices, warning the rules could cost jobs.

Brazil wants to significantly increase exports of processed halal meats to Malaysia

Brazil meat sector welcomes Malaysia trade deal

By Kakie Roubaud

Brazil's meat industry has welcomed a commercial agreement struck by their country’s government with Malaysia, that will encourage and enable Brazilian beef and chicken exports to the south-east Asian country.

Kelly Tureky's has been given USDA approval to be sold throughout the US

Kelly Turkeys to take on US Thanksgiving market

By Aidan Fortune

UK poultry processor Kelly Turkeys has been given the green light by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to market its premium Kelly Bronze offering throughout the United States. 

Tom Hayes is currently president of Tyson Foods

Brokers challenge timing of Tyson CEO revelation

By Rod Addy

Financial brokers have challenged Tyson Foods on the timing of its announcement that its chief executive officer (CEO) Donnie Smith would be replaced by its president Tom Hayes on 31 December.

Hurricane Matthew flooded and devastated poultry and hog farms in North Carolina

Perdue Farms responds to water pollution call

By Rod Addy

Poultry giant Perdue Farms has responded to pressure on several leading US meat firms to tighten focus on water use, highlighting the actions it has already taken on the issue.


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