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Ron Levine:

Labeling laws shouldn’t be decided in court: F&B attorney

By Maggie Hennessy

With more and more class-action lawsuits against the food and beverage industry making headlines, FoodNavigator-USA caught up with an attorney specializing in complex corporate litigation to discuss the proper role of the courts, the shorter window for...

Social media represents an extremely powerful B2B tool, it's not just for brand-building and consumer engagement, expert says

Social media: The B2B money maker?

By Kacey Culliney

Social media is an extremely powerful brand-building tool that engages consumers, but it can also be a platform for strong business relationships and revenue generation, an expert says.

Millenials' presence on social media make them a very influential group, says Mattison

Catering to different generations

Capturing the sweet tooth of the Millennials

By Oliver Nieburg

Candy makers must connect on social media and allow criticism to appeal to the influential Millennials generation aged 13-31.

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