Trans Fat

GMA petitions FDA to allow “low-level use” of PHOs

GMA petitions FDA to allow “low-level use” of PHOs

By Elizabeth Crawford

The Grocery Manufacturer’s Association argues in a petition to FDA that the continued “low-level use” of partially hydrogenated oils in a wide range of food categories is safe and should be allowed, contrary to the agency’s determination in June that...

Bunge's John Jansen:

Special edition: Oils & Fats

Progress on PHOs and why saturated fat is still bad: Bunge

By Maggie Hennessy

The packaged food industry has removed roughly three-quarters of the 8 billion pounds of partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) that abounded in the marketplace at the heyday of trans fats in 2004-‘05, though a few problem areas and holdouts remain—particularly...

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