Chobani said its Farmland ad was

Chobani rapped over knuckles by NAD over ‘Farmland’ Greek yogurt ads

By Elaine Watson

Chobani has been rapped over the knuckles by ad watchdog the National Advertising Division (NAD*) of the Council of Better Business Bureaus over its ‘Farmland’ ad, which implied that its Simply 100 Greek yogurts came straight from the farm, while competing...

Noosa co-founder: Greek yogurt isn’t the only game in town

Noosa co-founder: Greek yogurt isn’t the only game in town

By Elaine Watson

While Chobani, Dannon and Yoplait have been battling for supremacy in the US yogurt market (and at halftime at the Super Bowl), another equally ambitious player has recently emerged from the leftfield and served as a reminder that Greek isn’t the only...

Dannon's Art D'Elia: “While the phenomenon of Greek yogurt continues to drive growth in the refrigerated yogurt section, our ambition is to accelerate growth for retailers in the frozen aisle based on the broad and expandable appeal of Greek yogurt.

Pulling back the lid on the Greek yogurt trend

Dannon: There's almost nowhere Greek yogurt can't go

By Maggie Hennessy

Greek yogurt has long been edging its way beyond the refrigerated aisles and into everything from coated snacks to bars, to baking chips and frozen yogurt. With that, the competitive landscape has grown increasingly crowded, with big names including Chobani,...

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