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Non-GMO, beets, lentils, bee-free ‘honey’ & drinkable grains: What are the top 10 natural and organic food trends inspiring the mainstream?

By Elaine Watson+


From drinkable grains to Non-GMO verified, Sterling-Rice Group has identified 10 natural and organic food trends that are starting to influence the mainstream grocery market. Are you up to speed?

1.     Lentils: From pasta to waffles, lentils are creeping into more and more formulations this year as firms look for new fiber and protein-packed ingredients (Plentils).

2.     Gut health: Look out for more foods whose main goal is to keep your gut happy.

3.     Beets: Beets are moving beyond salads and showing up in in everything from juices and fruit leathers to savory yogurt (Blue Hill). 

4.     Drinkable grains: Look out for more whole grains in beverages (Sneaky Pete’s, Oatworks, Nuwi quinoa smoothies).

5.     Bee-free honey: With growing concern about Colony Collapse and the resulting increase in honey sourced from China, food companies are now making bee-less honey from fruit-based formulations (Bee-free Honee from apples). 

6.     Premium toppers: Expect more savory sauces and dressings that boost the nutritional stats of salads, pastas and other entrees (Bean Good pasta sauce, Tru Table citrus and chia seed dips). This trend may also go sweet with calcium rich chocolate and caramel sauces and high protein cake frosting.

7.     Grass-fed: Consumers are looking for more products from grass-fed cows (Dreaming Cow yogurts), pastured chickens (Happy Eggs), and pen-free pigs.

8.     African super foods: From baobab fruit snacks to moringa leaf snack bars and bissap tea (Bissap Breeze), look out for more African superfoods.

9.     Non-GMO: The Non-GMO Project seal is gaining momentum.

10.   Algae milk:  Protein-packed algae milk - or at least prototype products containing it produced by Solazyme - caused a stir at Expo West. But will they take off?

Colorado-based Sterling Rice Group is a branding, innovation and strategy consultancy that works with leading CPG players, chefs, restaurateurs, and food influencers to gather trend information.

For more details on each trend, click HERE .

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