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Six disruptive brands in health & wellness... and what they can teach us

The tortoise - rather than the hare – is often the winner in the retail food and beverage industry, says Hartman Group’s SVP James Richardson, PhD, who says we can all learn lessons from six disruptive brands in health & wellness, from Hint Water to Guayaki yerba mate tea.

Hartman Group on six disruptive brands in health & wellness
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Shipments of Soylent 2.0 to resume shortly following mold probe

Soylent says it will shortly resume shipments of Soylent 2.0, the new ready-to-drink version of its flagship meal substitute, after addressing a manufacturing glitch which caused mold to grow on the exterior of some bottles.

Expo East in review

Uncle Matt’s Organic seeks to restore orange juice’s status with functional ingredients

Once a breakfast staple in most American homes, orange juice has fallen out of favor in recent years as consumers try to cut carbs, calories and sugar. But premium juice maker Uncle Matt’s Organic is hoping to return the beverage to its former glory with innovative blends that have value-added...

How ‘progressive consumers’ are redefining health and wellness… and is fat really back?

While cynics observe that biodynamic cane sugar is still sugar, and gourmet Himalayan pink salt is still good old sodium chloride, it’s a fact that trends which might seem to have niche appeal are increasingly heading to the mainstream, and that a small, but increasingly influential group of what Hartman...

Expo East in review

Snack spotting at Expo East turns up paleo muffins, veggie treats, on-the-go nut butter & more

With snacking replacing more meals in the US, manufacturers are responding with a variety of fast, on-the-go options that are packed with nutrients, protein, fiber and energy.

Cargill: 'This opens up a new space and helps us address a market we can’t get to today from the leaf'

Next generation Reb D + M to debut at Supply Side West: 'It performs exceptionally well in diet soda'

Cargill and Evolva will introduce their hotly-anticipated ‘next-generation’ Reb D and Reb M sweetener – produced via fermentation rather than from the stevia leaf – at the Supply Side West show next week under the EverSweet brand as they prepare for a 2016 commercial launch. 


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