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Memphis Meats: We'll have ‘clean meat’ products in grocery stores by 2021

‘Clean’ (a.k.a. cultured/lab-grown) meat pioneer Memphis Meats says it aims to have products in grocery stores by 2021, and says it is confident it will be able to mass produce meat in bioreactors at prices at parity, or below, that of meat from farm animals.

The Memphis Meats team (senior scientist Eric Schulze is on the bottom left). Picture credit: Memphis Meats
Demographics don't provide easy answers to GMO debate, says Pew Research Center

Pew Research Center: The GMO debate is hugely polarizing, but the divide ‘does not fall along familiar political fault lines’

Think anti-GMO sentiment is primarily the preserve of white college educated liberals? Think again, says Pew Research Center, which has just conducted a consumer survey suggesting that attitudes on GMOs, organics, and other food issues are “conspicuously not political."

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Nestlé subsidiary Tribe Mediterranean Foods appoints new CEO

Massachusetts-based Tribe Mediterranean Foods, a subsidiary of Nestlé SA and the OSEM Group, has appointed John McGuckin as Chief Executive Officer of its U.S. operations. He will join the company on December 5.

Hummus a valuable snack for Americans who aren’t eating the recommended amount of legumes, says Sabra-funded study

A new analysis of American food consumption patterns based on NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys) dietary intake data reveals that Americans who regularly consume hummus are more likely to have a healthy diet overall.

USDA proposes revisions to Nutrition Facts panel for meat and poultry products

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has proposed revisions to the Nutrition Facts panel for meat and poultry products, amending regulations published in May 2016.

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