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Packaged Facts: Almond and coconut milk on fire; soy milk on the skids; skim milk losing share

Packaged Facts is predicting continued double-digit growth for almond milk in the next five years, and reckons it could increase its dollar share of the US retail dairy and dairy alternative beverages market from 5% in 2014 to 19% in 2019. 

Millennials and food shopping: Are you up to speed?

Compared to previous generations Millennials are far more likely to make spur-of-the-moment food decisions and have less well-stocked pantries, say market researchers. But many food retailers are not geared up to meet their changing needs.

Tightly aligning with local market preferences key to online grocery success, experts say

Paying close attention to local market dynamics is the key to success in the online grocery marketplace, according to a webinar put on yesterday by consulting firm Profitero, which specialized in e-commerce insights. Food categories are underrepresented online as compared to brick and mortar sales, meaning there is a huge...

Nestlé-sponsored research provides answers on chocolate fat bloom

A Nestlé-supported study has examined the causes of chocolate fat blooming, a process when white defects appear on the surface of chocolate because of fat crystallization – a serious problem for the global confectionery industry.

ConAgra to pay $11.2m to settle Salmonella case

A subsidiary of ConAgra will pay $11.2m related to the shipment of contaminated peanut butter linked to a 2006-07 Salmonella outbreak.