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'The Dietary Guidelines are not the appropriate vehicle for this important policy conversation about sustainability'

USDA, HHS: 2015 dietary guidelines won't factor in sustainability

Sustainability will not factor into the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, say the US Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services, prompting praise from the meat lobby and anger from environmental and consumer/health advocacy groups.

USDA, HHS: 2015 dietary guidelines won't factor in sustainability

Pro- and anti- camps square up for battle over Vermont GMO labeling law

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) will go to court on Thursday (Oct 8) in a last-ditch attempt to convince judges that a GMO labeling law due to come into effect in Vermont next year should be blocked until litigation over the legislation is resolved.

Kite Hill rolls out cultured nut milk yogurts at Whole Foods nationwide

Kite Hill - the plant-based brand on a mission to disrupt the dairy case - has moved beyond cheese with the launch of a cultured almond milk yogurt at Whole Foods stores nationwide, which will be followed by single-serve cheesecakes and a seasonal pumpkin tart.

What will ditching artificial ingredients really do for big CPG brands?

While ditching ‘artificial’ ingredients may not transform the fortunes of flagging legacy brands, consumer survey data from Instantly suggests it may give consumers a warmer and fuzzier feeling about them, and convey the impression (deservedly or otherwise) that the reformulated products are ‘healthier’.

PepsiCo CEO: It's way too early to talk about how aspartame-free Diet Pepsi is performing

While the new aspartame-free version of Diet Pepsi has been on sale since August, it’s “way too early” to provide an update on how it’s doing, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi told analysts during the Q3 earnings call today.

General Mills announces recall of 1.8m boxes of Cheerios

General Mills announced late Monday afternoon that it will voluntarily recall 1.8m boxes of Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios after undeclared wheat was detected in gluten-free cereals.

DuPont touts rapid dispersability of new soy protein aimed at sports nutrition

DuPont has thrown down the latest gauntlet in the sports nutrition protein contest with the launch of a rapid dispersing form of soy protein aimed at fortification beverages and powdered workout products.

Consumers will pay more for products with additional information on ingredients, allergy, survey finds

Manufacturers could help restore consumers' waning faith in the quality and safety of food and beverages, and potentially command a higher price point, by providing consumers with more information about how products are made and ingredients are sourced, reveals a new consumer survey. 


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