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Hormel Foods buys Applegate for $775m: 'A growing number of consumers are choosing natural and organic products'

Hot on the heels of ConAgra Foods' acquisition of natural and organic frozen meal maker Blake's, fellow CPG giant Hormel Foods has parted with $775m to buy Applegate, the #1 brand in the natural and organic value-added prepared meats category.

Avian flu prompting strategic rethink at US food companies, claims Hampton Creek boss: 'It's not just about price'

The latest outbreak of avian flu has, predictably, prompted a surge in demand for egg replacers. But some industrial egg users are now considering making permanent changes to recipes and menus rather than just making tactical substitutions whenever egg prices spike, claim suppliers.

Jelly Belly will launch organic confections, jelly beans and fruit snacks, CEO says

Jelly Belly Candy Company is launching a line of USDA certified-organic candies, including fruit flavored snacks, gourmet jelly beans and other confections, the firm’s CEO and president told FoodNavigator-USA exclusively.

Egg supplies decreasing at ‘alarming rate’ due to avian flu, warn bakers

Bakers and other big users of eggs could face major supply shortages if the government does not act quickly to allow temporary imports from more egg-producing countries, claims the American Bakers Association (ABA), which says “25% of industrial egg product production, including liquid, frozen, and powdered eggs, is now offline...

Higher meat prices drag down sales across grocery departments, Nielsen research reveals

Higher beef and pork prices are dragging down grocery sales not just in the meat department, but in the center of the store as well, according to a recent Nielsen survey. 

New data reveals winners in the US snacks aisle: RTE popcorn, bean chips & dried meat snacks

Potato chips, tortilla chips and cheese snacks are performing strongly in the US retail market, despite growing demand for healthier snacking options. However, the big winners in the snacks aisle this year have been ready-to-eat popcorn, meat snacks, seeds, and pulse-based snacks such as Beanitos and Calbee Harvest Snaps, says...

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Snack product pairing: Think fresh grapes and dairy cheese

Snack makers can boost sales and secure stronger retail relations with data-driven product pairing rather than guesswork, says Nielsen Perishables Group.