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Chipotle: People who eat GM foods are not themselves genetically modified. The same applies to cows fed GM feed…

Chipotle vows to fight ‘meritless’ GMO lawsuit, but case highlights legal minefield over Non-GMO claims

Chipotle says it will vigorously defend a “meritless and unfair” lawsuit accusing it of falsely advertising its wares as non-GMO. But attorneys say the case shows that firms are vulnerable to civil litigation over non-GMO claims if genetic engineering has been used at any stage in the production process, even if...

Sec. of Agriculture Vilsack calls on Congress to strengthen school lunches, access to breakfast

Preserving and strengthening the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which sets school lunch standards and makes free and reduced meals available to children, could lower the healthcare costs in the US and improve the country’s economic competitiveness and national security in the long term, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack argued Sept....

Assessing whole grains consumption: Part 1

Improved formulations help whole grain consumption rise, Oldways survey finds

More consumers are choosing whole grains regularly thanks in part to more sophisticated formulating techniques that better balance flavor and health benefits, according to a survey conducted by the non-profit Oldways Whole Grains Council. 

Open innovation update: Unilever wants tools to provide a ‘radically new view’ of consumers; Kraft Heinz seeks new sustainable oil sources

Unilever is searching for radical new ways to understand what consumers really want, Kraft Heinz is looking for novel sources of sustainable oils, and Mondelez is on a mission to find ‘label friendly’ natural mold inhibitors and low-cost ways to tackle the theft of chewing gum from stores.  

FDA sends warning letters to five marketers of bulk powdered caffeine

The FDA has taken another step in its war on powdered caffeine. The controversial ingredient linked to a pair of deaths was the subject of a slew of new FDA warning letters to companies selling the substance to consumers.

AUGUST 2015 NEWS QUIZ: Are you up to speed with the latest food & beverage industry news?

Do you know what company Coca-Cola just took a minority stake in, or what revenues EPIC Provisions is forecasting to make in 2015?  And which beverage brand just got into legal hot water over its ‘antioxidant-packed’ claims?


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