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New products gallery: From Nello’s biodynamic pasta sauce & Hormel's 'game-changing' snacks to 'detoxifying' hot cereal

From biodynamic pasta sauce from Nello’s to new chia-, quinoa-, and hemp-packed offerings from Peace Cereals, this month’s gallery is packed with innovative new food and beverage products. We’ve also highlighted new ingredient launches, from World Food Processing’s cleaner-tasting pea protein to Comax Flavors’ novel pickled flavor collection....

Traditional foods dominate Fourth of July menus

Americans may increasingly seek bold new flavors and adventurous or exotic food for everyday cooking, but this Fourth of July most will turn to time-honored, traditional dishes and big name brands to help them celebrate, market research predicts. 

JUNE 2015 NEWS QUIZ: Are you up to speed with the latest food & beverage industry news?

Do you know how long the FDA has given the industry to phase out partially hydrogenated oils? Or who has agreed to settle a lawsuit over natural claims for $3.99m? And which European retailer is setting up shop in Virginia?

Cargill on Trehalose: The biggest challenge is limited awareness but every new product is helping

One year on from the ‘Taco Bell affair’ and Cargill is continuing to see growth in demand for its Trehalose additive, but the biggest challenge continues to be limited awareness of ingredient’s numerous functional properties.

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Nestlé files patent for pregnancy probiotic

Nestlé has filed a patent for probiotics to be taken during pregnancy and lactation, which it says help reduce the risk of allergies for the infant. 

Sports nutrition expert's advice: Sample the sweat and don't skip the stomach

Exercise physiologist Allen Lim, PhD, the founder of sports nutrition brand Skratch Labs, learned what works to fuel athletes in the crucible of one of the most challenging endurance events the world has to offer—the Tour de France.  What he took away from that experience was the notion that rather...

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