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Avian flu prompting strategic rethink at US food companies, claims Hampton Creek boss: 'It's not just about price'

The latest outbreak of avian flu has, predictably, prompted a surge in demand for egg replacers. But some industrial egg users are now considering making permanent changes to recipes and menus rather than just making tactical substitutions whenever egg prices spike, claim suppliers.

 Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick
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Hormel Foods buys Applegate for $775m: 'A growing number of consumers are choosing natural and organic products'

Hot on the heels of ConAgra Foods' acquisition of natural and organic frozen meal maker Blake's, fellow CPG giant Hormel Foods has parted with $775m to buy Applegate, the #1 brand in the natural and organic value-added prepared meats category.

Birthday cake emerges with other nostalgic throwbacks as top flavors

Yellow birthday cake with thick, sugary frosting, like those made in local grocery stores nationwide, is emerging as a top selling new flavor in candies and sweets, according to leading candy companies. 

BASF backs ‘space farming’ research project

BASF is backing a student-led research project that aims to examine how food crops can be grown on the international space station (ISS). 

Abbott Laboratories launching non-GMO Similac infant formula in US

Abbott Laboratories is launching a non-GMO version of its popular Similac Advance infant formula in the US - a decision its denies was fuelled by pressure from campaigners.

Crayola challenged to show its true colors in consumer backlash against artificially dyed candies

Crayon maker Crayola has confirmed it is aware of an ongoing public appeal that urges the company to stop marketing its Color Your Mouth candy products to children.