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KIND petitions FDA to update ‘outdated’ food labeling rules

KIND has filed a citizen petition with the FDA to update 'outdated' regulations governing the use of the term healthy on food labels and address the disconnect between what Americans are encouraged to eat in the Dietary Guidelines and the criteria governing claims manufacturers can make on pack.

The term 'healthy' landed KIND in hot water with the FDA and prompted a flurry of class action lawsuits

Kickstarter can give firms an edge negotiating distribution, says maker of TRUEnergy

For startup Tru, Inc., a successful Kickstarter campaign is about more than raising funds to launch its TRUEnergy sports shot – it is about proving to retailers and future investors that the product concept is viable and will sell, said CEO and Founder Jack McNamara. 

What is natural? First wave of comments are in (and hint at the challenge facing the FDA)

The FDA will have its work cut out when it comes to coming up with a workable definition of ‘natural’, if the comments submitted to the FDA thus far are anything to go by. 

Atlantic Natural Foods snaps up plant-based food maker Neat Foods

Lancaster, PA-based Neat Foods – a small, but rapidly-growing player in the plant-based foods category – has been acquired by Atlantic Natural Foods LLC, which makes canned vegetarian products under the Meatless Select and Caroline’s brands.

General Mills takes $500m Fiber One brand into UK

General Mills has rolled out its $500m higher-fiber brand Fiber One to retailers in the UK for the first time.

Sugar addiction much harder to address than salt

Weaning the public off salt is a piece of cake compared to reducing their addiction to sugar, scientists have discovered.


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