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Hampton Creek smells a rat in ag appropriations bill over FOIA requests

A paragraph on page 34 of the 206-page 2017 House Agricultural Appropriations Bill - spotted by Hampton Creek’s new VP of policy Tiny May yesterday - proposes to exempt industry-funded commodity research and promotion programs such as the American Egg Board from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  

Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick: If research & promo boards don't want to be subject to FOIA-style scrutiny, they should split from USDA entirely

Friday taste test: Ripple plant-based ‘milk’

Ripple is a new plant-based ‘milk’ made with yellow pea protein that promises to blow dairy milk and current milk alternatives out of the water in the taste, nutrition and sustainability stakes. But did it impress members of Carpe Diem, a Santa Barbara-based a cappella singing group that kindly agreed...

Online snack company NatureBox expands to brick-and-mortar with Target launch

Online subscription snack service NatureBox crosses over to the physical realm with the launch of eight products in 900 Target stores nationwide this week with the hope of reaching consumers who still prefer to buy food in brick-and-mortar stores rather than online. 

Boulder Brands lines drive 13% surge in Pinnacle Foods Q1 sales

Boulder Brands has added more than $100m to net sales of Pinnacle Foods in its first ten weeks as part of the business.

The top picks from the education sessions at the Healthy & Natural Show

The inaugural Healthy & Natural Show kicks off on Thursday, May 5 with a top quality education program. In this special gallery we trawl through the program and give you our top picks for the event at Chicago’s Navy Pier.

Analyst: ‘It may be too early to say Pepsi True is a flop, but it’s definitely not a success’

The 2014 launch of Pepsi True was a low-key affair, so the complete radio silence from the brand ever since could just reflect a desire to keep things that way. Another explanation, of course, is that Pepsi True – like rival Coca-Cola Life – has simply failed to catch fire.

The Chaat Co.’s savory yogurts expand the dairy category to new eating occasions

Tapping into America’s growing obsession with snacking, sugar reduction and desire for global flavors, New York startup The Chaat Co.’s new line of savory yogurts with spicy mix-ins aims to revolutionize the US yogurt category, which until now has focused mostly on sweet breakfast options. 


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