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Lavender emerges as popular ingredient across categories at Summer Fancy Food Show

Lavender, a polarizing and difficult to use ingredient, emerged as a popular flavor in products across food and beverage categories at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City June 28-30.

Ultra-fast-growing aquatic plant promises year-round supply of sustainable vegetable protein

A novel source of vegetable protein that promises to give rivals a run for their money in the nutrition and sustainability stakes, will make its debut at the IFT show next week.  

GUEST ARTICLE: Why the FDA should take Health Canada’s lead and ditch its added sugars labeling proposal

Supporters of FDA proposals to list ‘added sugars’ on the Nutrition Facts panel say it will help consumers identify foods with more empty calories, while critics say our bodies don’t distinguish between ‘naturally occurring’ and ‘added’ sugar - and neither should food labels. Health Canada has just dropped the proposal,...

The 2015 dietary guideline recommendations offer a chance to dissect the role of science in policy-making

The science behind the 2015 dietary guideline recommendations came under attack within hours of their publication, triggering an angry, ongoing debate about the recommendations’ validity, which a panel of experts will consider next week at IFT in Chicago. 

Study linking sugary drinks to high death tolls ‘cannot show cause and effect,’ say industry bodies

Industry bodies around the globe have slammed a US study which attributes 184,000 deaths a year to sugary drinks, saying its authors fail to show cause and effect or prove a direct link with beverages.  

‘An exciting finding’: Are the brain health benefits of B vitamins dependent on omega-3 levels?

B vitamins may protect against age-related brain wasting, but only in people with high omega-3 levels, says a new study from the University of Oxford that extends our understanding of how nutrients work together.