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Sharwood’s seeks to satisfy Americans' “curry-osity,” drive sales by instituting Thursday as curry night

Sharwood’s wants to become the No. 1 brand in the US for pre-made Indian sauces and accompaniments, just like it is in the U.K., by instituting Thursday as “curry night,” according to the food brand’s maker Premier Foods. 

Source: Sharwood's

Atlas Coffee Club co-founder: Coffee is the perfect product for the online subscription model

From NatureBox to VEGA Coffee, BeanGenius, and LoveWithFood, new online subscription services targeting snack lovers, coffee aficionados, and foodies are popping up almost every week. But what will distinguish the winners from the losers in this market?

Juiceology CEO addresses the fiber gap: There’s still white space in the juice category

Most juices – even the super-premium high pressure processed (HPP) ones – don’t contain a ton of fiber, says Juiceology founder & CEO Felipe d’Avila, who has carved out some white space in the category with flash-pasteurized, aseptically-filled refrigerated juices blended with soluble oat and barley fiber.

Cocoa ‘a sad story’: Farmers need insurance as human cost of industry overlooked, says Cacao for Change

Cocoa farmers operate in a chocolate supply chain that perpetuates poverty and bear the bulk of the risk, claims Cacao for Change as it proposes an alternative model.

Yuengling’s Ice Cream launches Cinnamon Churro and other new flavors for 2016

With the aim of attracting a new generation of ice cream fans, Yuengling’s Ice Cream will launch Cinnamon Churro and three other new flavors in 2016.

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DDW acquires SVZ International B.V's KleurCraft coloring foods portfolio

Kentucky-based natural colors, caramel colors and burnt sugars expert DDW has acquired the KleurCraft portfolio of coloring foods, custom formulations and related technology from Dutch firm SVZ International B.V.  


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