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‘Crowdfunding Jedi’ takes on Soylent with Ambronite, the ‘world's first organic drinkable supermeal’

Food is fun, says the self-described ‘serial optimist’ and ‘crowdfunding Jedi’ behind 500-calorie vegan ‘drinkable supermeal’ Ambronite. But not every eating occasion can be an epic, Mediterranean-style gathering fueled by wine and great conversation, and if you’re in a rush, or lack company, energy or inspiration, but still want a...

 Ambronite co-founders Simo Suoheimo (left) and Arno Paula

BrightFarms works with retailers to revolutionize how local produce is grown & sold

Start-up BrightFarms is helping retailers say goodbye to long supply chains that can compromise food quality by partnering with them to build and operate local greenhouses that provide an exclusive, steady supply of fresh produce. 

Blue Hill plans another industry first with move into drinkable savory yogurt

With its gourmet savory yogurts now gracing shelves at 800-900 stores in the US, Blue Hill is now looking to challenge the nation’s palate again, this time with a new range of veggie- and fruit-packed drinkable yogurts that it hopes will bring the brand to a wider audience.

Munk Pack unveils a new food category: Oatmeal fruit squeeze

Not so long ago, pouches were just for babies. Today, they’re fast-becoming the go-to format for companies looking to stand out from the crowd in healthy snacks, say the founders of Munk Pack, who have combined fruit with gluten-free wholegrain oatmeal, flax and quinoa to make a industry first.

Assessing whole grains consumption: Part 2

Consumer confusion about gluten is a double-edge sword for whole grains

Ongoing consumer interest in gluten-free foods has opened a door for less common ancient grains to step into the limelight that wheat, rye and barley have dominated for so long. But at the same time, lingering consumer confusion about the exact definition of gluten could limit those grains’ market potential,...


Some US consumers turned off by process behind Fairlife: Euromonitor

Some US consumers are turned off by the process behind Coca-Cola’s high-protein, lactose-free Fairlife milk, according to Euromonitor.


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