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Tiny plants with huge potential: Introducing two new players to the plant-based protein market

Two firms that generated a lot of buzz at the IFT show this year were Parabel and Hinoman, which are both selling brand new nutrient-packed ingredients from tiny aquatic plants. But do they have what it takes to give more established players in the plant-based protein category a run for...

Hartman: ‘Local’ could topple ‘organic’ & ‘natural’ on labels

Foods and beverages carrying a 'local' label appear poised to become the leading symbol of trust and transparency to consumers as the authenticity halo of such terms as 'organic' and 'natural' lose momentum, claims market analyst The Hartman Group.

'We switched from glass to aluminum cans, and the brand just exploded'

Hiball Energy brand worth $15-20m in retail sales, says CEO: ‘The market is finally catching up with us’

Back in 2011/12, nerves were getting very frayed at Hiball Energy, which was doing a steady trade in upmarket energy drinks in elegant glass bottles, but “losing more and more money”, recalls founder Todd Berardi. In May 2012 he switched to aluminum cans, and the brand “just exploded”. 

Solazyme’s AlgaWise algae oils trialed by ‘several’ global food and beverage companies, says CEO

Several leading food and beverage companies are now trialing Solazyme’s new high-oleic AlgaWise algae oils, while the egg shortage and the FDA’s final determination on partially hydrogenated oils have also boosted demand for the firm’s AlgaVia whole algal flour and proteins, says the firm.

Melon, mocktails and more: What are the top beverage flavours this summer?

Melon is one of this year’s hottest drink trends, with an array of exotic variations ready to tempt consumers, according to Treatt.

School meals are a valuable tool against vitamin D deficiency: Danish researchers

Adding fish to school meals could boost children’s vitamin D levels in winter, research finds.

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