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Little Bird brings chocolate-covered candied jalapenos to the market

Little Bird founders Corey and Sara Meyer are aiming to pop out of the specialty category and spread across the nation like wildfire with their sweet and spicy chocolate-covered candied jalapenos.

Little Bird covers candied jalapenos with chocolate in its 'Fire Bits'

Homemade baby food costs less, but often has more energy & fat than store bought alternatives

The common belief among new parents that homemade baby food is healthier than store bought options isn’t always true, according to new research published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood. 

GUEST ARTICLE: #SayItWithPepsi or #SmileWithACoke? Have you trademarked your hashtag yet?

You can trademark words, phrases, symbols and designs, so what about #hashtags? It's relatively new territory in the world of intellectual property law, but it's well worth doing, say Rebecca Cross and Allison Hagey at law firm BraunHagey & Borden LLP.

Meal kit provider Chef’d teams with American Diabetes Association to provide tailored menu options

Meal kit delivery service Chef’d sets itself apart from increasingly stiff competition and advances its mission to “cultivate and curate experiences of love through food” by teaming with the American Diabetes Association to offer easy-to-make dishes designed specifically for people living with or at risk of diabetes. 

Market Insights

Restacking BRICs: Chocolate makers to rethink future growth markets, says Euromonitor

Euromonitor International has pinpointed several promising chocolate markets that may help manufacturers offset slowdowns in traditional emerging markets such as China and Brazil.

Confectionery Trend-Watching

As consumers become increasingly health conscious, what drives confectionery sales?

US consumers are starting to put more thought into eating healthily. But for confectionery, indulgence still drives the decision to purchase.


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Way forward with whey protein

It’s already popular across a range of segments, but whey protein now dominates an even wider audience of mainstream consumers. Whey continues to grow across broader markets because its molecular behavior under high-heat treatment has been understood, and can be controlled, and this is enabling new opportunities for food manufacturers.


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