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Harris Poll reveals what groceries Americans buy online and why

When it comes to online shopping, consumers may say that they want products with a long shelf-life, but a recent Harris Poll found that they are just as likely to buy fresh fruits and vegetables as dry packaged goods online – revealing ecommerce may hold more promise for perishable products...

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General Mills targeted in latest ‘100% natural’ lawsuit over glyphosate

General Mills is the latest major CPG company to be targeted in a class action lawsuit alleging it misrepresented the oats used in selected Nature Valley bars and snacks as ‘100% natural’ because they contain trace levels of pesticide residue (glyphosate).

ProTings closes $1.2m financing round, changes name to Protes after spat with Original Tings

Brooklyn-based pea protein chip pioneer Proformance Foods has closed a $1.2m financing round led by a leading CPG company, and changed its brand name from ProTings to Protes following a trademark dispute with B&G Foods, which owns the Original Tings brand.

Judge throws out case against Starbucks over liquid to ice ratio in its iced drinks

A California federal judge has dismissed a class action lawsuit brought against Starbucks claiming that the company tricks customers by making its iced beverages appear full but underfilling the cup with actual liquid. 

New research tackles carrageenan safety concerns

New research attempts to set the record straight on the safety of carrageenan – a controversial but widely used stabilizer and thickening ingredient that has been called into question as a potential cause of inflammation. 

Healthy advertising at sporting campaigns under scrutiny in run-up to next Olympics

With the Olympics over for another four years, a team of scientists will begin a new study into healthy advertising at major sports events.

WHO adds more cancer types linked to excess weight

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified obesity as more of a risk factor for cancer than previously thought as a report identifies more cancer types linked to excess weight. 


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