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Can peanut milk be as big as almond milk? Elmhurst ‘milked peanuts’ to hit stores in early 2018 with no gums or stabilizers

Elmhurst Milked is hoping to make a splash in the burgeoning plant-based dairy arena with ‘milked peanut’ beverages that offer more protein, less sugar, a creamier mouthfeel and a noticeably shorter, cleaner, label than other nut milks, with products set to hit stores early next year.

'Milked' almonds, hazelnuts, cashews and walnuts from Elmhurst hit stores in March 2017, with new brown rice, oat, and peanut varieties to follow in early 2018

IKEA backs Flying SpArk’s bet that fruit flies are the protein source of the future

Compared to crickets, grasshoppers and even meal worms, the fruit fly is minuscule, but according to the co-founders of Flying SpArk this tiniest of insects could prove to be a more bountiful, sustainable and efficient source of protein.

We're only scratching the surface when it comes to unlocking the potential of plant-based meat, says GFI

Plant-based meats account for less than a quarter of 1% of meat sales in the US, while plant-based milks have gobbled up almost 10% of the fluid milk market, says the Good Food Institute (GFI). But why is this? Are they simply not cutting it, or is it just a...

RDBA provides dietitians tools to select, display products & track social media influence

New tools from the Retail Dietitians Business Alliance are helping registered dietitians gain professional prominence in grocery stores and sales outlets while also expanding their influence over product selection, displays and ultimately consumer purchasing patterns that impact brand manufacturers’ bottom line. 

More Canadians content with direction food system is taking, new survey finds

A growing number of Canadians – 43% in 2017 compared with 30% in 2016 – believe that Canada’s food system is ‘headed in the right direction,’ according to a survey from the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI). 

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