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Hampton Creek CEO says letter to presidential candidates seeks 'authentic leadership on food'

For Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick, food lies at the heart of the debate about what path the country should take in the upcoming presidential election. That’s why he recently published an open letter to the presidential candidates in The New York Times.

 Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick
Dave Lefkow: 'You’d be amazed how many people are obsessed with bacon...'

J&D's Foods builds a food empire: ‘Making everything taste like bacon since 2007’

The Eureka moment came on a business trip in 2007 when Dave Lefkow’s co-worker Justin Esch casually observed that bacon flavored salt might taste pretty good. The cash to make it happen came from Lefkow’s three-year old son, who propelled a baseball into his Dad’s face on camera and won...

Alan Hahn: 'We noticed it right away... the gluten was gone'

Could mushroom mycelium add a new dimension to the gluten-free market?

Speaking to FoodNavigator-USA at the 2015 IFT show, MycoTechnology CEO Alan Hahn recalls the moment his team discovered that mushroom mycelium (roots) could virtually eliminate the gluten in wheat and other cereal crops.

News in brief

ConAgra Foods: Trans-fat labeling is a matter for the FDA, not the courts…

ConAgra Foods has urged a California court to throw out a lawsuit* alleging it misled consumers with the '0g trans-fat' claim on its Crunch 'n Munch popcorn, and stressed that the FDA's recent decision to revoke the GRAS status of partially hydrogenated oils doesn't change anything. 

Meet the people behind a2 milk, Yasso, Smári Organics, Tarte Foods, and good culture

Interested in new dairy trends? Join us at the LIVE FoodNavigator-USA Dairy Innovation Forum on July 29

Will tummy-friendly a2 milk be a hit in the US market? And is the cottage cheese category ripe for disruption?

'There’s going to be little tweaks in the direction of better-for-you because it isn’t just a niche group like granola people, it’s everybody'

Trendy snacks: Will seaweed, hummus and cassava spell the death of the potato chip?

The alternative chip craze has exploded with a flurry of root veg and plant products on shelf, but can they compete with or even kill off the infamous potato chip?