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Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Gluten free movement spawns divergent grain-free vs ancient grain trends

As the tenacious gluten-free trend continues to grow and mature into a market behemoth in the US, it is paving the way for the emergence of two trends that both...

Introducing the FoodNavigator-USA Food Innovation Forum in partnership with FOOD VISION USA 2017

What’s the secret to developing winning food and beverage products (and can 'Big Food' still innovate)?

What’s the secret to developing winning food and beverage products? Hard data and insight… or intuition and stardust?  And can ‘Big Food’ still create winners, or should it throw in...

Green banana flour... the most versatile new ingredient in the clean label toolkit?

‘Functional fruit flours’ from starchy unripe bananas – which are low in sugar and in some cases high in RS2 resistant starch – could open new doors for formulators looking...

Gobble founder: 'We are one of the most lean, capital efficient companies in the meal kit market today'

While barely a week goes by without the launch of a new meal kit company, there is room in the market for “many multi-billion dollar players,” provided they carve out...

Palm oil sector moves to save orangutans and put child rights into RSPO standards

Three major new initiatives have been launched to tackle human rights, wildlife conservation and concessions’ data across the palm oil supply chain.

Bernstein: ‘By acquiring Whole Foods, the 365 brand becomes instantly available as part of Amazon’s online offering’

Aside from giving Amazon a network of bricks & mortar stores from which to expand Amazon Fresh and other services, acquiring Whole Foods gives the ecommerce giant access to the...

US grocery shopping habits, from GMOs to QR codes: Are you up to speed?

What foods and beverages do Millennials like to buy online? Why do shoppers buy locally-grown foods, and why don’t more consumers scan QR codes? Here are 10 things that caught...

News in brief

American Bakers Association applauds FDA for delaying nutrition facts label rule

Robb MacKie, president of American Bakers Association (ABA), said a “more reasonable” timeline for the implementation of the FDA’s nutrition facts label will help bakers.

CPG at a crossroads: 'Retailers are agnostic to the plight of Big Food'

It’s no secret that small and medium-sized food & beverage manufacturers are driving much of the growth in food retail. But they are also selling a far lower percentage of...

Your guide to IFT 2017: From clean meat and cannabis edibles to space farming

What does 'processed' food mean? And how much is too much? Will consumers embrace 'clean' meat? And what can we grow in space? Check out FoodNavigator-USA's guide to the hottest...

Kantar Retail: 'Lidl is going to take significant market share away from a lot of folks'

Given that Lidl is only opening its first US stores this week, it’s impossible to predict with certainty what its future looks like, but it could be a significant force...

Breaking news

FDA extends compliance deadline for Nutrition Facts panel changes

As widely expected, the FDA is to extend the compliance dates for the Nutrition Facts label final rules to give manufacturers more time to prepare, although it has not yet...

Is PepsiCo at the top of Kraft Heinz’s shopping list?

Kraft Heinz was recently rebuffed by Unilever, but is widely rumored to be eyeing up other acquisitions. But would a marriage with PepsiCo, one of several potential targets rumored to...

Attorney: ‘Slapping another undefined term on packages that could be attacked legally’ is risky

'GoCleanLabel certified' scheme rolls out, but what does it mean?

A new 'clean label' certification scheme has been launched in the US market as the concept of ‘clean’ eating continues to gain traction. But will CPG brands embrace the ‘Go...

ALDI unveils $3.4bn expansion plan: 'We’re growing at a time when other retailers are struggling'

As Lidl prepares to open its first US stores this week, German rival ALDI has unveiled a $3.4bn plan to expand its US store base to 2,500 by 2022, on...

PureCircle develops stevia plant 20 times sweeter than standard plant

Using traditional plant breeding techniques, PureCircle has developed a stevia plant with 20 times more sweet-tasting steviol glycosides than standard stevia, it says.

Steviana Bioscience aims to make a splash at IFT with next generation stevia sweeteners

A new player in the stevia market - Steviana Bioscience - is looking to carve a niche in the market for next generation stevia sweeteners, which utilize some of the...

‘Amazon Choice is becoming increasingly important as we transition to this world of voice’

Alexa… how can I win on Amazon?

It’s well known that the brands that are growing the most rapidly on Amazon are not necessarily growing the most rapidly in grocery stores, so what are the most successful...

SPOTLIGHT ON BRAZIL: Whole grain labeling… Should Brazil follow US or European criteria?

The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA) is looking into ways to regulate whole grain labeling, with a definition expected to be ready for public comment by the end of the...

Food litigation trends: From the future for 'natural,' to slack fill, Prop 65 and glyphosate residues

The number of class action filings against food and beverage companies dipped from 158 in 2015 to 145 in 2016, largely due to a drop off in ‘natural’ lawsuits, but...

Blue Apron prepares for IPO: ‘We have reimagined the traditional grocery business model’

A “powerful and emotional brand connection,” “constant product innovation,” “attractive unit economics,” a “hard-to-replicate value chain,” and “proprietary technology and data,” help Blue Apron stand out in the burgeoning meal kit...

Free Flavor Trends Webinar, June 14 at 11:30 EST

Looking at foodservice, what flavor trends can CPG food and beverage follow?

There’s been an increase of ‘global’ flavors in menu items, according to Mintel’s 2017 Foodservice Trends report.

Taste Test Friday: Consumers’ love the simple taste of Bobo, but not its simplistic packaging

In the highly-saturated bar category, Bobo’s nut butter filled oat bars stand out for balancing decadence and better-for-you ingredients for an easy to eat and satiating snack, but in our...

Conagra Brands appoints new CIO, remains silent over Pinnacle Foods rumors

Conagra Brands has promoted Mindy Simon, VP of global business services (GBS), to the role of chief information officer, effective June 1.

Organic sales growing ‘at a good clip’ thanks partly to consumer interest in animal welfare

Despite pressure created by food inflation and price deflation, sales of organic continue to grow “at a good clip,” with protein, dips and seasoning breaking out “to find their stride”...

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