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Why do some people with a genetic predisposition to celiac disease develop it and some people don't? Are saturated fats really as bad as we have been led to believe? Does labeling calories on menus really change consumer behavior? And how much sodium is too much? Stay up to date with all the latest food and beverage research in this section of FoodNavigator-USA.

News in brief

DDW acquires SVZ International B.V's KleurCraft coloring foods portfolio

Kentucky-based natural colors, caramel colors and burnt sugars expert DDW has acquired the KleurCraft portfolio of coloring foods, custom formulations and related technology from Dutch firm SVZ International B.V.  ...

Cameron’s Handcrafted Coffee offers single serve filters as alternative to plastic K-Cups

Small batch roaster Cameron’s Handcrafted Coffee believes in drinking coffee from a cup – not brewing from one, which is one of the many reasons its single serve coffee brews...

Wake up and smell the coffee: Cocoa and chocolate industry can learn from coffee grading system

Chocolate makers can draw on coffee industry grading standards to develop a common quality system for cocoa, says Lutheran World Relief’s manager of coffee and cocoa.

Patent Watch

Goodbye scuff marks: Mars heat treats chocolate after tempering to avoid unwanted marks

A short burst of hot air or incubation can prevent unsightly white marks on chocolate obtained via friction during production and packing, according to a patent application from Mars.

Glanbia says new wheat protein has powerful sports, functional food possibilities

Glanbia Nutritionals is going all in on glutamine (and gluten) with a new wheat protein ingredient line it is bringing to the US market. Called HarvestPro, the new ingredient is...

Pasta is a low-GI food, says Barilla

Not all refined grains are equal says Barilla: Pasta should not be lumped together with pies and cookies as ‘empty carbs’

Pasta is a low fat, low-sodium, low glycemic, complex carbohydrate, and a good source of thiamin, folic acid, iron, riboflavin, and niacin.  So why do many consumers – and some...

Shelf-life boost? Potato peel extract can delay bread staling, say Italian researchers

Potato peel extracts may not only add fiber but can also be added to bread to extend shelf-life, according to research by the University of Parma.

Cobram Estate will enter US to fill what it says is a void in high quality, extra virgin olive oils

Award winning Australian olive oil manufacturer Cobram Estate in February will extend its reach into the competitive US market, which it says suffers a dearth of high quality, extra virgin...

Anti-egg campaign wants 2015 Dietary Guidelines to retain recommendation to limit cholesterol

In an effort to maintain the current Dietary Guideline recommendation to restrict cholesterol intake, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Nutrition has launched an aggressive public health campaign against eggs, which...

Special edition: Inflammation

Are we set to see an increase in demand for anti-inflammatory formulations?

Healthy aging and increasing coverage by the mainstream media could help drive demand for products addressing inflammation over the next few years, say experts.

Do we need new labeling conventions around fully hydrogenated oils?

Fully hydrogenated oils (FHOs) do not create harmful trans-fats, and could replace partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) in many applications. However, manufacturers are reluctant to use them because the word ‘hydrogenated’...

Glyphosate is unlikely to cause cancer, says EFSA

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has concluded that glyphosate, a herbicide used on food crops, is unlikely to cause cancer and recommends raising safety levels.

Solazyme to launch algae butter in early 2016: We’re offering a hard fat from a completely new source

Solazyme is aiming to launch the latest addition to its micro-algae-based ingredients portfolio in early 2016 - an algae butter - which it says could replace hard fats such as...

Six shopping occasions driving digital purchases

While only a small portion of people currently buy food online, the expansion of digital shopping is eroding consumer loyalty to retailers – forcing them to rethink how best to...

13 emerging restaurant trends for 2016 that likely will influence CPG food & beverages

Demand for more plant-based, vegetable-forward food has been growing the past few years, but the trend will hit new heights in 2016 – taking over the center of the plate...

The curious case of energy drinks & hypokalemia

The medical case study of a man rushed to intensive care with severe potassium deficiency has brought the issue of energy drinks and hypokalemia back into the spotlight.

Is nitrite free processed meat possible for the mass market?

While no single substitute for nitrite can replace all of its functions, a combination of emerging technologies and plant-based ingredients could be used to reduce or completely replace nitrite in...

Study questions association between junk food and obesity, points finger at total calories consumed

Demonizing unhealthy food as the primary cause of weight gain may be off-track, suggest researchers who found consumption of fast food, sweets and salty snacks alone may not be the...

Medical experts and industry slam study linking sugary drinks to heart failure

A study suggesting men consuming two or more sugary drinks per day are more likely to suffer heart failure does not provide conclusive evidence, say medical professionals while industry calls it...

Obese paradox? People needing more vitamin E are getting less

Obese people are absorbing less vitamin E when they actually require more to help counteract the effects of metabolic stress, say researchers.

Corner stores could offer more healthy options in food deserts

Building more supermarkets is not the only way to reduce food deserts, suggests new research that found corner stores are stocking more healthy foods and beverages now than almost 10...

Fall flavors & energy products top consumer purchase intent in October

As the nights grow longer and colder, consumers are reaching for products that evoke the cozy feeling of fall and that will help them wake up before the sun. 

'Everything in moderation' advice could lead to poor metabolic health

The long standing recommendation of ‘everything in moderation’ may actually result in lower overall diet quality and may have negative impacts on metabolic health, say researchers.

Entrepreneur to bring hot canned beverage to the US

After years of popularity in Japan, an entrepreneur is bringing hot canned coffee to the US.

More whole milk can help avoid metabolic syndrome: Study

Although official dietary guidelines have advised against excessive consumption of whole fat milk for years, a study said it may be a good idea to include full-fat dairy products in...

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