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Rice eaters’ diets more in line with Dietary Guidelines: study

Consumers who eat white or brown rice every day tend to have better overall diet quality and nutrient intake, according to a study of five-year data from the National Health...

Key Insights from Food Vision

In conversation with the mastermind behind the €250,000 lab-grown burger

Last year Professor Mark Post sparked international interest with the unveiling, and tasting, of the world's first lab-grown meat. Since then he's been working to iron out technical issues so that...

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Good mood food: Mystery manufacturers seek Chinese ingredients to exhilarate, motivate, and refresh

“Multiple leading companies” are looking for ingredients or foods that have a positive effect on the mind, and nutrients and materials used in Chinese medicine are at the top of...

Quaker looks to patent lower cost soluble oat fiber

Oatmeal boasts a long list of health benefits, though this fiber-rich ingredient isn’t traditionally associated with the descriptors 'quick and easy'. 

News in brief

GMA teams with MSU on ingredient safety research center

The Grocery Manufacturers Association and its member companies have teamed with Michigan State University (MSU) to establish the Center for Research on Ingredient Safety (CRIS), which will provide analysis and information...

Sweetened beverages again linked to stroke risk, and effects could be dose-related, says new study

Increased intakes of sweetened beverages may increase the risk of stroke, says a new study from Sweden.

Mars develops heat resistant chocolate with polyol mix

Mars has filed a patent for heat resistant chocolate that can withstand hot climates, following an earlier application from Mondelēz and Nestlé.

Celiac Disease breakthrough?

Natural protein elafin ‘promising’ in battle against gluten toxicity: Study

The human protein elafin could be delivered into the gut using a probiotic bacterium to reduce the inflammatory reaction typical of celiac disease, researchers suggest.

‘A lot of room to boost pulse intakes for heart benefits’: New analysis supports cholesterol-lowering effects of pulses

One daily serving of beans, peas, chickpeas or lentils may slash bad cholesterol levels, says a new meta-analysis that supports the cardiovascular benefits of pulses.

‘Normal’ sodium intake range may be the healthiest: study

Despite that population-wide sodium reduction is often posed as the best solution for reducing cardiovascular disease (CVD) incidence, the current sodium intake of most of the world’s population is already...

Protein experts slam ‘biased and flawed’ study linking protein to increased cancer mortality

A recent study linking protein intake to an increased risk of cancer death could have detrimental public health implications for adults seeking to maintain muscle health and avoid sarcopenia, says...

Monkey study backs caloric restriction to increase lifespan and slash disease risk

A 25 year study of diet and ageing in monkeys has revealed a ‘significant’ reduction in mortality and age-related diseases among those with calorie restricted diets.

Cereal psychology: Mascot eye contact sparks consumer trust

Mascots on breakfast cereals that gaze directly into a consumer’s line of vision can spark trust; findings that researchers say could be used to fuel growth of better-for-you lines.

AHPA's new protein guidance addresses issue that has been percolating for years

The American Herbal Products Association has set a new policy for how member companies ought to calculate the amount of protein in their products to deal with a situation in...

Juice Products Association: Yes, fruit juice contains sugar… but let’s stop comparing it with soda

As the focus has switched from fat to sugar as public enemy #1 in the battle against obesity and diabetes, juice - once promoted as a healthy alternative to soda...

Saturated fat in the dock: ‘Our nutritional courts tried and convicted the wrong man’

As the debate over the role of saturated fat in cardiovascular disease intensifies, the authors of a new commentary claim that the “real villains” in the American diet are trans...

'Ground laid' for dairy drinks with bits in Brazil: SIG Combibloc

SIG Combibloc is predicting a bright future for the dairy drink with bits category in Brazil following the launch of the latest "drinksplus product" - chocolate milk containing flakes of coconut....

Don’t tax my soda! Study shows consumers put choice first

First Lady Michelle Obama has called it “liquid sugar” and the World Health Organization warns that much of our sugar intake is “hidden” in processed food and beverages such as...

Chewing gum for over 10 mins relieves stress – study

Japanese researchers claim that chewing gum for over 10 minutes can reduce stress, adding to a growing body of science linking gum chewing to stress relief.

Insights from IFT Wellness 2014

How should the industry tackle sugar reduction?

Attending a series of sessions on sugar reduction during the Institute of Food Technologists’ (IFT) 2014 Wellness conference, a few common themes kept resurfacing: that obesity remains a big problem,...

IRI: Portable nutrition, other ‘targeted’ innovation driving F&B brands, product launches

Top brands and new product launches are reaching increasingly segmented consumer groups through targeted, measured innovation, according to market research firm IRI Inc., which released its “New Product Pacesetters” and...

‘Skepticism’ towards industry-funded sugar and calories research, says NCA

The US National Confectioners Association (NCA) has earmarked consumer education on calories and sugar as an industry priority for 2014 but admits there is skepticism about industry-funded research.

Special edition: Nuts, pulses & legumes

Roasted and salted? Peanuts can be so much more, NPB says

Sometimes it’s hard to think inventively about the ingredient that comprises half the ubiquitous peanut butter and jelly sandwich or is passed to us in small pouches on most airplane...

Trans fat crackdown: Here are two practical alternatives to a blanket ban on PHOs, industry tells FDA

Two practical alternatives to a blanket ban on partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) would help the FDA achieve its objective (cracking down on trans-fats) without causing formulation nightmares, claim leading food...

High salt intake linked to premature cellular aging

Overweight or obese teenagers who consume lots of salty foods show signs of faster cellular aging, according to new research.

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