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Latest food ingredients trends from natural sweeteners to ancient grains


Want to stay up to speed with the latest developments in sustainable palm oil, natural sweeteners, ancient grains, plant-based proteins, gluten-free ingredient trends, probiotics, prebiotics and omega-3s? Keen to stay on top of clean-label and natural trends, the challenges around replacing partially hydrogenated oils, BVO and Azodicarbonamide? Bookmark this section to see what the big names in ingredients supply are up to from Cargill and ADM to Givaudan, Bunge, PureCircle, Ingredion, GNT, DDW, Tate & Lyle and CP Kelco.

USDA Sec. Vilsack advocates for mandatory, national GMO labeling at OTA Policy Conference

US Agriculture Sec. Tom Vilsack called on Congress to pass mandatory, national GMO labeling to eliminate the risk that consumer confusion triggered by inconsistent labels could destabilize and stymie growth...

'FDA is no longer recommending that this ingredient be labeled as dried cane syrup'

'Evaporated cane juice' should be declared as 'sugar,' says FDA; get ready for the lawsuits, say attorneys

The ingredient known as ‘evaporated cane juice’ should instead be declared as ‘sugar’ on food labels, says the FDA in new guidance that attorneys predict will unleash a wave of...

ConAgra Foods strikes $340m deal to sell Spicetec flavors and seasonings business to Givaudan

ConAgra Foods has struck a $340m deal to sell its Spicetec flavors and seasonings business to Givaudan as it continues to reshape its portfolio.

Functional & sparking bottled water sales are “very hot in the US,” analyst says

Once considered boring by many Americans, water is becoming a go-to beverage of choice thanks to innovative manufacturers that are adding to it carbonation, fruit flavors and functional ingredients that...

Thrive algae oil expands distribution after successful trial in Gelson's Market

Thrive culinary algae oil has proved a hit with shoppers at upmarket grocer Gelson's Market in southern California, and is now rolling out to "hundreds of stores on the west coast,"...


Courts, controversy and CSR – the palm oil story

There were more twists and turns this week in the controversy surrounding the IOI group, which was suspended by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) last month.

Do fermented foods contain probiotics? Not necessarily, says Ganeden

Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi and yogurts containing ‘live and active cultures’ are healthy and tasty, but they are not necessarily packed with probiotics, says Ganeden Inc, the...


Nestlé to cut all ties with IOI over palm oil action plan: 'It doesn’t go far enough'

Nestlé is cutting ties with palm oil supplier IOI. No new contracts will be awarded to the Malaysian firm and all existing ones will be “phased out” by the end of August,...

The rise of Gen Z brings new marketing challenges compared to millennials, CivicScience data suggests

Millennials may be the generation with the most spending power for now, but Gen Z is catching up fast and how they engage with brands and respond to marketing is...

Carrageenan and other non-organic materials in organic products considered by NOSB

Stakeholders in the organic community, including handlers, farmers, scientists and advocates joined on Capitol Hill in late April to discuss with the National Organic Standards Board which non-organic materials should...

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Liquid form of Fibersol soluble fiber can help solve no-cal mouthfeel issues

Fibersol-2L, a liquid version of the Fibersol line of corn-based fiber ingredients, has been launched by the partnership of Matsutani and Archer Daniels Midland to help solve some of the...

Enjoy Life Foods: The US gluten-free market is still growing in excess of 25% year-on-year

Growth rates in the US gluten-free market are slowing, but the category is still generating significant double-digit growth, says allergy-friendly brand Enjoy Life Foods. 

OTA pushes for strengthened organic seed sourcing as a next step in creating seed purity standard

USDA should strengthen organic seed sourcing practices as part of a multifaceted approach to prevent unintentional contamination of organic crops with genetically modified organisms, the Organic Trade Association argues in...

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NutriScience Innovations offers new spray-dried form of lactoferrin

Connecticut-based NutriScience Innovations has launched a new spray-dried version of lactoferrin for supplements, foods and beverages.

Naturally More brings probiotics to peanut, almond, hazelnut butters

There is yet another probiotic product in town, this time in nut butter form, launched last week at national stores including Walmart, Kroger, and ShopRite, by California-based Naturally More.

5 food trends revealed by top Google searches

After suffering scorn for years from carb-counters, wheat-haters and consumers embracing a gluten-free diet, pasta is coming back in style with a vengeance, suggests analysis of Google searches. 

Sophie’s Kitchen sees opportunity in plant-based seafood alternatives

The global market for plant-based meat alternatives is growing fast, but most players in the space are focused on replacing land animals – leaving the potential for seafood alternatives wide...

Addition of peanut flour to some Kellogg’s snacks “outrages” consumers, prompts petition

Kellogg’s efforts to appease consumers who asked it not to add peanut flour to several previously allergy-safe snacks has backfired on the manufacturer – further aggravating parents of children who...


From croplands to chicken coops, organic manufacturers get their hands dirty to anticipate looming shortage

Companies from Chipotle to Costco are creatively coming up with ways to keep their organic supplies steady, but mid-sized, natural category veterans are concerned about the big fish jumping into...

GRAS process for evaluating ingredient safety threatens FDA’s mission, Sen. Markey argues

The “loose structure” and voluntary process for companies to self-determine if new ingredients are “generally recognized as safe” without required input from FDA undermines the agency’s ability to ensure the...

Loose leaf tea in the bulk food dept? 'We want to bring new consumers into the category,' says Tiesta Tea

The founders of Tiesta Tea always thought there’s a posh, unapproachable aura around loose leaf tea, but they also contend that the loose leaf format is the best way to...

Nearly three-quarters of families make an effort to buy organic food, OTA survey reveals

Buying organic is a top priority for many American parents, especially when it comes to the food they feed their children, according to new research form the Organic Trade Association. ...

Innovate or die: Navigate the evolving food retail landscape at the Healthy & Natural Show

Whether it’s a new ingredient, novel technology, or different way of looking at established categories, disruptive food & beverage companies are always thinking outside the box. But are retailers adapting...

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Taiyo gets non-GMO verification on Sunfiber prebiotic ingredient

Japanese ingredient supplier Taiyo has expanded the certification support for its Sunfiber prebiotic ingredient with a Non-GMO Project verification.

Smaller packs make trying new flavor trends for the grill easier

The unofficial start of summer may still be more than a month away, but grilling season is already here for most Americans and several companies are making it easier for...