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TruMoo reformulation boosts nutritional value - Dean Foods

By Mark Astley , 05-Feb-2013

TruMoo reformulation boosts nutritional value - Dean Foods

Dean Foods has developed a reduced-sugar version of its popular TruMoo chocolate milk product in an attempt to increase the “nutritional value” of the product in the eyes of mothers and schools.

The reformulated 1% TruMoo chocolate milk product, which hit shelves across the US in January 2013, contains just 18g of sugar per 250ml serving – 40% less than the previous TruMoo chocolate milk formulation.

The product also boasts 35% less sugar than the leading US chocolate milk competitor, Dean Foods has claimed.

Dean Foods’ senior manager of corporate communications, Jamaison Schuler told that the product was developed with a “keen focus on nutrition trends” among parents, schools and even athletes.

The "next generation" of TruMoo

“The new TruMoo is about knowing the consumer trends and making a great thing even better,” said Schuler.

“With a keen focus on nutrition trends in schools and among customers, our Research and Development team worked through the year to develop the next generation of TruMoo.”

According to Schuler, the reformulated product will appeal “to anyone who loves great taste and the benefits milk delivers.”

“Clearly, schools appreciate the nourishment TruMoo delivers while allowing for greater flexibility as they balance the overall nutrition on cafeteria trays.”

“Moms love TruMoo because it allows them to strike a balance in offering something of nutritional value to their kids while giving them something they love. And we’re finding more and more athletes are turning to TruMoo as a recovery beverage after exercise,” said Schuler.

Reduced calories, essential nutrients

As well as the significant total sugar reduction, the reformulated 1% TruMoo product contains just 30 more calories per serving than 1% low-fat milk.

It also provides eight essential nutrients, including calcium, protein, vitamin A, D, B12, riboflavin, phosphorus, and potassium – nutrients that help strengthen bones and build and repair muscle, Dean Foods claims.

Despite the formulation changes, Dean Foods claims that children have been left with the “same great taste”, while parents feel “more confident” serving the product.

“What hasn’t changed is the great taste that was consumer tested with kids and ranked in some cases even better than our last formula,” Schuler concluded.

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