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NPD watch: Green tea cereal, meat bars and bread for women

NPD 2014: Datamonitor Consumer Innovation Tracking

Antioxidant-rich cereals, protein-packed snack bars and bread tailored to women’s nutritional needs were just some of the product innovations identified by Datamonitor Consumer during 2014.

Published: 16-Dec-2014

Gen Z, culinary cannabis, and tea: Top 10 trends for 2015 in specialty foods

Top 10 trends for 2015 in specialty foods

The Specialty Food Association has released its Top 10 trends for 2015, with some eyebrow raising predictions on the list. 

Published: 09-Dec-2014

10 chocolate trends for 2015: Millennials, protein and texture

10 chocolate trends for 2015

Cargill and Innova Market Insights have highlighted key trends for chocolate in 2015 including the rise of real fruit inclusions, texture claims and transparent ingredient labelling.

Published: 02-Dec-2014

reThinkFood highlights: From IBM's Chef Watson to steak chips (minus the bull)

reThinkFood conference; cultured meat, IBM's Chef Watson

What’s for dinner tonight? And could Watson - the IBM computer that trounced its human rivals at Jeopardy - have the answer? FoodNavigator-USA headed to the reThinkFood conference - a collaboration between the Culinary Institute of America and the MIT Media Lab - to find out…

Published: 13-Nov-2014

Innova predicts top ten food trends for 2015

Innova top ten food trends 2015

Innova says that transparency in labelling, new protein sources and a focus on texture are among the top trends to look out for next year.

Published: 07-Nov-2014

Who is the global snacker?

Nielsen: Global snacks consumer data

Close to $400bn is spent annually on snacks worldwide, but who is the global snacker and what are the purchase motivators?

Published: 24-Oct-2014

FNCE 2014 highlights part two: RDIs based on your genotype? Hummus 2.0, Nutrition Facts in transition, & a metagenomic MyPlate?

FNCE 2014 highlights part two: RDIs based on your genotype? Hummus 2.0

FoodNavigator-USA brings you part two of our gallery of highlights from the 2014 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE) in Atlanta, GA, which addressed everything from nutrigenomics, plant-based diets and Millennials’ eating habits to whether a revamped Nutrition Facts panel will put the ‘E’ back into the NLEA…

Published: 23-Oct-2014

FNCE 2014 highlights part one: Protein still red hot, fermentation on fire, and why self-discipline won’t defeat obesity

FNCE 2014 highlights part 1: Protein red hot, fermentation on fire

We’ve never had access to more information about how to get healthy. So why are two thirds of Americans still overweight or obese, and what can we do about it? To find out, FoodNavigator-USA headed to Atlanta, GA, for the 2014 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE).

Published: 20-Oct-2014

New hires gallery: Gen Mills recruits a chief creative officer; Nestlé creates VP of business excellence; new blood at Justin’s, Sabra, PepsiCo

New hires gallery: Gen Mills, Nestle, Justin’s, Sabra, Dean Foods

Check out who’s moving onwards and upwards with the latest FoodNavigator-USA round-up of new hires in food and beverage.

Published: 15-Oct-2014

New products gallery: Mamma Chia heads to the bar, PepsiCo keeps it real with craft soda, and pumpkin spice fever spreads

New products gallery: Mamma Chia, Pepsi True, Chobani pumpkin spice

As Halloween approaches, pumpkin spice mania has gripped the nation, but there’s plenty of other interesting stuff hitting shelves this fall, from Pepsi’s Caleb's Kola to chia vitality bars from Mamma Chia, and new coconut water & juice blends from ZICO.

Published: 13-Oct-2014

What will we be eating in 2050? From 3D printed snacks and lab meat to insect protein

What will we be eating in 2050? IFT FutureFood 2050

What will we be eating in 2050? Insect bars, 3D printed food, lab meat and personalized nutrition bars? No one knows for sure. But with a growing population and a changing climate, food systems - and diets - will have to adapt to survive, say 11 thought-leaders asked by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) to look into their crystal balls for its FutureFood 2050 initiative.   

Published: 03-Oct-2014

Datamonitor's Top Healthy and Functional Dairy Trends

Datamonitor's Top Healthy and Functional Dairy Trends

Datamonitor researcher Louisa Sabin gave a rundown of her top healthy and functional dairy trends....

Published: 24-Sep-2014

Trendspotting at Expo East: From 'raw' coconut water to palm sugar, chickpea pasta, oat-based entrees & cactus water

Trendspotting at Expo East: From 'raw' coconut water to palm sugar, chickpea pasta, oat-based entrees & cactus water

Natural Products Expo East yielded a wealth of new trends and new product launches.  In this gallery FoodNavigator USA looks as some of the most innovative launches and identifies some trends running through the natural products marketplace.  Bold innovators push the boundaries of even existing categories, such as water enhancers and coconut water and raw ingredients. But new innovations come to the fore, too, such as a cactus beverage and new applications for legumes and oats.

Published: 23-Sep-2014

Five reasons to set up shop in the Garden State (birthplace of M&Ms, Campbell Soup...and Bon Jovi)

Food & beverage manufacturing in the Garden State

The birthplace of Allen Ginsberg, Frank Sinatra and Bruce Springsteen, New Jersey is also home to food industry giants from Campbell Soup and Goya Foods to Unilever USA. But is the Garden State doing what it takes to attract the next generation of food and beverage businesses? FoodNavigator-USA joined reporters for a whistle-stop tour led by Choose New Jersey to find out. 

Published: 22-Sep-2014

INDUSTRY VOX POP: Do natural claims still resonate with consumers? Mamma Chia, Runa, Saffron Road, Cargill et al weigh in

INDUSTRY VOX POP: What does natural & clean label mean?

Are consumers weary of 'all-natural' claims? And if so, what other cues do they look for on pack to see if a brand fits in with their values? We quizzed the bosses of some innovative food brands, ingredients suppliers and branding experts to find out … 

Published: 18-Sep-2014

New products gallery: Cinnamon Toast Crunch turns 30, ConAgra makes snacking ‘guilt-free’, Kevita’s kombucha for the mainstream

General Mills, ConAgra, Kevita new products gallery

Here’s a look at the latest and greatest in new product launches—from General Mills making the old new to kombucha for all, bean-based chips, eggless eggs, and protein-packed chips and even gummies.

Published: 17-Sep-2014

Bootstrapping, brand-building & Fresh & Easy’s quest for what's ‘fresh, unique and new’: A day at the Food & Beverage University

FBULA Bootstrapping, brand-building & Fresh & Easy’s quest for the new

From how to keep control of your trade spending to presenting the perfect pitch to investors (spoiler alert: ‘Let me get back to you on those numbers’ will not inspire confidence), food & beverage industry veterans and financiers took to the podium at the BevNET’s food & beverage university event in L.A. on Thursday to share their wisdom. FoodNavigator-USA brings you the highlights…

Published: 15-Sep-2014

LEGAL VOX POP: Are 'all-natural' claims worth the hassle?

LEGAL VOX POP: Are 'all-natural' claims worth the hassle?

With a class action lawsuit filed almost weekly over the word ‘natural’ on food & beverage labels, many firms are now wondering whether the most used and abused word in food marketing is really worth all the hassle. But should they ditch ‘natural’ altogether, or just qualify it? We quizzed some legal experts to find out…

Published: 11-Sep-2014

Cereal chartbusters 2014: America’s top 10 best-selling brands

Top 10 best-selling US cereal brands 2014, IRI data

BakeryandSnacks has dug into fresh IRI data to dish up the latest list of top 10 best-selling cereal brands in the US for 2014.

Published: 27-Aug-2014

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