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BrightFarms helps retailers provide fresh, local & safe produce year around

Bright Farms helps retailers provide fresh, local produce year around

For shoppers today, buying groceries is all about fresh and local – which can be a tall order for retailers in urban areas or with limited access to nearby farms. 

Published: 31-Mar-2016

Granola and healthy children’s products are bright spots in cereal category, Barbara’s says

Granola and healthy children’s products bright spots in cereal

It is no secret that the cereal aisle is struggling with Euromonitor estimating a 19% drop in sales in 2015 compared to 10 years earlier and a projection to lose another $1 billion in sales in the next 10 years. 

Published: 30-Mar-2016

Dissolvable Tea Drops brings more consumers to premium tea category by offering convenience

Dissolvable Tea Drops brings consumers to premium tea category

The demand for tea in the US is skyrocketing, but so too is the desire for speed and convenience – two terms that do not apply to high quality loose leaf tea, which requires special tools for measuring and steeping, or tea bags, which can create a drippy mess.

Published: 29-Mar-2016

CideRoad: Switchel meets demand for bolder flavors

CideRoad: Switchel meets demand for bolder flavors

The sweet but tart taste of switchel can be polarizing, says Cide Road founder Kevin Duffy. But it meets a growing demand for bolder, more sophisticated, flavors that has helped to drive sales of products such as kombucha, adds Duffy, who has now secured listings for Cide Road in almost 2,000 stores.

Published: 29-Mar-2016

Safe Catch entices consumers back to canned tuna category with low mercury product

Safe Catch entices consumers to canned tuna with low mercury product

Despite doctors’ recommendations to eat more fish for its many health benefits, many consumers steer clear of tuna – an affordable, sustainable source of omega-3s and beneficial nutrients because they are worried about mercury. 

Published: 28-Mar-2016

'Consumers love French fries, but they are looking for healthier alternatives'

Veggie fries have mass market appeal, says Farmwise

Farmwise frozen veggie fries contain 30% vegetables and beans, and 70% potatoes, and have been flying off the shelves in conventional as well as natural channels, says co-founder and CEO Dave Peters, who caught up with FoodNavigator-USA at the 2016 Expo West show.

Published: 28-Mar-2016

Nomva probiotic fruit snacks: We perform best in the juice set

Nomva probiotic fruit snacks: We perform best in the juice set

With more fiber than cold-pressed juice (4-5g per serving), plus a dose of probiotics (Ganeden’s ultra-resilient BC30 strain), Nomva is targeting consumers seeking simple, minimally processed snacks in a convenient format, says brand owner Phenomenal Foods.

Published: 25-Mar-2016

Expo West 2016 Debut: RiceBran Technologies launches smoothie-on-the-go NukaCha

At Expo West 2016, RiceBran Technologies launches NukaCha smoothie

Riding the wave of smoothie enthusiasm, Arizona-based RiceBran Technologies launches… powder in a bottle?

Published: 22-Mar-2016

Trendspotting at Expo West 2016: From purple corn porridge to jicama chips

Trendspotting at Expo West: Almond Flour, purple corn, jica chips

At Expo West 2016, companies large and small were reimagining pantry staples, from savory snacks to baking mixes, and reinventing their categories by introducing new ingredients.

Published: 21-Mar-2016

YouBar platform makes mass customization a reality, says CEO: 'We have no minimum order quantities'

YouBar platform makes mass customization a reality, says CEO

Whether it’s a mug with your beloved pet’s picture on it, or a bespoke set of placeholders for a party you’ve ordered online, consumers love to design their own products these days. But how can mass customization work in the food industry, where minimum order quantities rule the day?

Published: 18-Mar-2016

Full of beans: Banza chickpea pasta now in 2,000+ stores... 'It’s been a wild ride!'

Banza chickpea pasta goes from zero to 2,000 stores

Unlike some of the more esoteric products at Expo West, Banza chickpea pasta is aimed squarely at mainstream consumers who are looking for more protein and fiber in their pasta, but are not prepared to compromise on taste or texture (no mush). 

Published: 18-Mar-2016

Givaudan draws upon 'Noah’s Ark of citrus' to unveil new global flavor collection

Givaudan unveils new global citrus flavor collection

I’m getting creamy, peppery notes, with a hint of cinnamon… and definitely some raspberry… 

Published: 10-Mar-2016

Start-ups are inventing the future & big business needs to partner now: Unilever Foundry creator

Start-ups are inventing the future & big business needs to partner now: Unilever Foundry creator

Start-ups are changing the food industry from trailblazing new ideas to providing new growth models, and both big businesses and small start-ups need to collaborate to innovate. The benefits are mutual, says Jeremy Basset, founder of Unilever’s incubator scheme.

Published: 08-Mar-2016

From Bakkwa to Cabernayzyns: A video tour of the 2016 Winter Fancy Food Show

Top trends at the Winter Fancy Food Show, from bakkwa to bone broth

From Cabernayzyns (dried Cabernet grapes) to bakkwa, a meat snack sold in street markets in Singapore and Malaysia that's just hit the West Coast of the US, the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco was jam-packed with unusual new products. FoodNavigator-USA editor Elaine Watson hit the show floor to chat to the entrepreneurs trying to bring these innovations to market...

Published: 22-Jan-2016

EPIC Provisions co-founder: Why not start your day with bone broth instead of coffee?

EPIC co-founder on bone broth & General Mills at the fancy food show

Does bone broth have mass market appeal, and if so, what’s the best format to package it in, and where is the best place to put it in store? FoodNavigator-USA caught up with EPIC Provisions co-founder Taylor Collins to get his take on this emerging category (and to ask why he tied the knot with General Mills).

Published: 21-Jan-2016

KRAVE founder on his incubation plans: 'The hardest million to make is the first million'

KRAVE founder unveils plans for Sonoma Brands at the fancy food show

KRAVE Jerky founder Jon Sebastiani - who sold his business to Hershey last year – has already identified some entrepreneurs he hopes to mentor – and fund – as part of his new incubator, Sonoma Brands.

Published: 20-Jan-2016

Race to use only cage-free eggs could create supply challenge, predicts exec from the happy egg co.

Race to use only cage-free eggs could create supply challenge

As the race for manufacturers and restaurants to switch to 100% cage-free eggs in the US gains momentum, the speed of the transition could create short-term supply challenges for manufacturers and long-term opportunities for existing specialty egg providers, predicts a top executive at the happy egg co., which sells “true free range” eggs. 

Published: 23-Dec-2015

FOOD VISION USA: The highlights!

FOOD VISION USA: The highlights!

If you didn't make it to Chicago in October for FoodNavigator-USA's inaugural Food Vision USA event, you missed a truly awesome ensemble of industry experts covering everything from our nutritional needs on a manned mission to Mars to the challenges facing small food brands trying to raise capital. Here's a glimpse of what you missed!

Published: 23-Dec-2015

Back to Nature Foods Co. repositions SnackWell’s as a “free-from” line

Back to Nature Foods Co. repositions SnackWell’s as a “free-from” line

Back to Nature Foods Co.’s revitalization of the recently acquired iconic SnackWell’s brand is an example of how established companies can refresh aging brands that are struggling to better compete with new products from disruptive startups.

Published: 17-Dec-2015

The 4 biggest mistakes in healthy marketing

The 4 biggest mistakes in healthy marketing

The Healthy Marketing Team tells us what NOT to do when marketing a healthy food product, based on work by their colleagues at New Nutrition Business.   

Published: 14-Dec-2015

5 strategies to drive initial trial, create a new category from startup Element [Shrub]

5 strategies to drive initial trial from startup Element [Shrub]

Transparent advertising is essential for reaching modern consumers, but as the maker of Element [Shrub] discovered – knowing which facts to emphasize first is key to driving initial trial. 

Published: 20-Nov-2015

Continual evolution is key to survival in competitive food market, Momme Meals exec says

Evolution key to survival in food market, Momme Meals exec says

To make it in the highly competitive food and beverage segment, startups need to listen to consumers and evolve to meet changing demands – even if that means letting go of their “baby,” says the founder of Momme Meals. 

Published: 18-Nov-2015

Whipstitch Capital: All of the large CPG companies are trying to figure out how to run venture and incubation programs

Whipstitch Capital talks food investment at Food Vision USA

General Mills coughed up a cool $820m to buy Annie’s last year. But it has also signaled its intention to invest in brands at an earlier stage in their development via its 301 Inc venturing arm and a recent tie up with equity crowdfunding site CircleUp. So will other big CPG brands follow its lead?

Published: 17-Nov-2015

Union Kitchen offers more than a shared kitchen, it offers community & outreach

Union Kitchen offers more than a kitchen it offers community, outreach

Launching a new food or beverage company requires a lot of passion, but it also requires a business plan, regulatory knowledge, access to equipment, distribution and exposure – which is a lot for any startup to fully grasp out of the gate. 

Published: 17-Nov-2015

Promotional blues: Why is trade spending becoming less and less effective?

Why is trade spending becoming less and less effective?

With volumes flat or declining in many CPG categories, and dollar growth coming primarily from price increases, manufacturers are increasingly relying on promotions to drive engagement, but find they are becoming less and less effective, according to a new report* from Chicago-based market researcher IRI.

Published: 16-Nov-2015

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