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Baldor Specialty Foods' efforts to cut food waste are adding money

Baldor Specialty Food's efforts to cut food waste are adding money

As the issue of food waste rises in prominence in the US, industry players are stepping up to the plate to save scraps and reduce waste, including Baldor Specialty Foods, which recently undertook an ambitious food waste reduction plan called Sparcs.

Published: 08-Jun-2017

Organic industry asks legislators for funds to expand domestic production & increase oversight

Organic industry asks for funds to expand production, oversight

More than a hundred representatives for the organic industry descended on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, last Thursday to extol to legislators the benefits of their industry to the US economy and ask for additional funding and help expand organic practices as well as increase trade oversight.

Published: 30-May-2017

Standardized language for expiration dates should help reduce food waste, according to GMA

Standardized language for expiration dates will help reduce food waste

According to the nonprofit Feeding America, 126 billion pounds of food is wasted each year in America – a staggering number that prompted USDA and EPA to challenge producers, manufacturers and consumers to help reduce food loss and waste by 50% by 2030.

Published: 25-May-2017

Vox Pop: 'Protein, and that's pretty much it actually'

Vox Pop: In sports nutrition, 'usually just protein'

Sports nutrition is a booming industry, with Euromonitor estimating a value of $7.4bn in the US. When we went to the streets and asked a few gym-goers what they buy, to no surprise, it was all protein.

Published: 11-May-2017

Food Starter helps entrepreneurs break into the competitive food and beverage industry

Food Starter helps entrepreneurs break into food and beverage industry

Launching a food business takes more than secret family recipe – it also takes money, equipment, space and in-depth knowledge about regulations, distribution and marketing, which can be hard for some startups to coordinate by themselves. 

Published: 09-May-2017

Braskem packaging changes color if a product is unfit for consumption

Braskem packaging changes color if a product is unfit for consumption

Marcia Pires

polymer science researcher - Braskem

Thermoplastic resin producer Braskem has partnered with Clemson University in the US and Rio Grande do Sul Federal University (UFRGS) in Brazil to create intelligent packaging which can change color if a product is unfit for consumption.

Published: 09-May-2017

Cellular agriculture advances mean ‘clean meat’ could be commercially available in less than 10 years

‘Clean meat’ could be commercially available in less than 10 years

The idea of eating a burger grown in a lab rather than from a cow raised on a farm and slaughtered for its meat may sound like something out of a science fiction story set far in the future, but in reality the commercialization of so-called “clean meat” could be as little as four or five years away. 

Published: 08-May-2017

Could the biotech disclosure law help shift perception of GMOs from good vs evil to simply a choice?

How to shift perception of GMOs from good vs evil to simply a choice

In many ways, the conversation about GMOs has been a debate about good versus evil, but ingredient supplier Cargill wants to shift the discussion to one simply about choice – a goal that one executive says can only be achieved if manufacturers and suppliers start talking to consumers about the benefits GMOs offer. 

Published: 04-May-2017

SmartLabel gains traction as a tool for brands to meet consumers’ mounting clean label demands

SmartLabel helps brands meet consumers’ mounting clean label demands

While SmartLabel is still in its relative infancy, manufacturers are flocking to the technology to help them provide the in-depth information that today’s consumers want as part of the clean label movement, but which might not fit on product packaging.

Published: 27-Apr-2017

The potential of a delay to Nutrition Facts label changes should not slow compliance efforts

Potential for Nutrition Facts label delay should not slow compliance

Assuming FDA does not delay the deadline for the new Nutrition Fact label as requested by industry, then large companies have slightly more than a year left to overcome challenges associated with added sugar, the new definition of dietary fiber, changes to vitamins and minerals daily values and other time consuming tweaks.

Published: 25-Apr-2017

Arctic Zero’s new social media video campaign shows how ‘clean label’ is more than just ‘free-from’

Arctic Zero CEO: Clean Label not just low sugar, low calorie, low fat

With the launch of four new varieties, Arctic Zero produced a video to tell consumers the story of how the ingredients were sourced.

Published: 12-Apr-2017

Manufacturers walk tightrope between demand for natural products and greenwashing allegations

Manufacturers navigate greenwashing allegations

Today’s consumers want products that are natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly, but manufacturers hoping to appeal to these values face significant threats from lawsuits alleging greenwashing and evolving regulations and enforcement efforts by FDA and FTC.

Published: 23-Mar-2017

Crunchies targets Millennial moms as fruit & veggie snacking gathers pace

Crunchies targets Millennial moms with freeze-dried fruits

If freeze-dried fruit conjures up images of space food, or brightly colored soggy bits floating in your breakfast cereal, you should buy a bag of Crunchies, and reassess, says CEO Scott Jacobson, who says that when it comes to fruit & veggie snacks, his freeze-dried wares beat air dried and baked options hands down in the nutritional stakes.

Published: 22-Mar-2017

Annie’s president: ‘Over the last two years we’ve added four million new households each year’

Annie's sales set to reach $400m in fiscal 2017

While some commentators baulked at the $820m General Mills parted with to get its hands on Annie’s, the brand has gone from strength to strength since the deal closed in late October 2014, with sales set to reach $400m this fiscal year, and household penetration significantly increasing, says president John Foraker.

Published: 21-Mar-2017

CPG accelerator SKU blends mentorship & networking to help startups succeed

CPG accelerator SKU blends mentorship & networking to help startups succeed

Starting and growing a company is hard – especially in the highly competitive food and beverage industry, but Austin, Texas-based accelerator SKU is tipping the odds of success in favor of entrepreneurs with its “proven blend of mentorship, community,” unique programming and industry connections. 

Published: 21-Mar-2017

Three tips for selling internationally-inspired, authentic products to Americans from industry veteran

Three tips for selling internationally-inspired, authentic products to Americans from industry veteran

Americans may be becoming more adventurous in what they eat – seeking international flavors and products – but some retailers and buyers are hesitant to stock these types of new products for fear that they won’t sell once they are on store shelves. 

Published: 21-Mar-2017

Hip Chick Farms expands its portfolio of clean, simple poultry & other frozen foods

Hip Chick Farms expands its portfolio

McDonalds, Panera and other high profile food service companies took notable steps last year to introduce “healthier” chicken products, but frozen poultry product producer Hip Chick Farms thinks more can done and it is stepping up the plate to push change forward in 2017. 

Published: 20-Mar-2017

Rising animal welfare concerns push farmers & manufacturers to rethink humane agriculture

Rising animal welfare concerns push farmers & manufacturers to rethink humane agriculture

As animal welfare concerns become increasingly mainstream, farmers and manufacturers, such as the natural and organic meat brand Applegate, are optimistically rethinking the scale of and their approach to humanely raised animal agriculture.

Published: 20-Mar-2017

Synbio ingredients have vast market penetration, new list shows

Synbio ingredients have vast market penetration, new list shows

Synthetic biology, or GMO 2.0 as some are calling it, has vastly more penetration in the marketplace than was previously believed. That’s the takeaway from the assembly of the first list of such ingredients.

Published: 17-Mar-2017

Barnana CMO: 'We tested banana brittle for eight months before we took it to market'

Expo West feedback 'overwhelmingly positive' for banana brittle

Barnana carved out virgin territory in the healthy snacks segment with its chewy banana bites, but will its new banana brittle prove equally groundbreaking? FoodNavigator-USA caught up with chief marketing officer Nik Ingersoll at the Expo West show to learn more.

Published: 17-Mar-2017

Kite Hill weighs into plant ‘milk’ debate: ‘Do electric cars not get to call themselves cars because they don’t have a combustion engine?’

Kite Hill weighs into plant ‘milk’ debate at Expo West

An electric vehicle uses a very different propulsion system to the internal combustion engine, but it also has four wheels, and gets you from A to B, which to most consumers, makes it a 'car.' So isn't it time to apply the same logic to plant-based 'milk' 'cheese,' and 'yogurt'? asks the CEO of almond-fueled brand Kite Hill.

Published: 16-Mar-2017

EPIC Provisions co-founder: 'Regenerative agriculture is the next big movement in food'

Regenerative agriculture next food trend, says EPIC at Expo West

Meat and dairy often get a bad rap on the sustainability front, but not all animal production systems have the same impact on the planet, says EPIC Provisions co-founder Taylor Collins, who reckons that “the next big movement in food is coming in the form of regenerative agriculture,” which he claims is “creating a net positive return on the environment.”  

Published: 15-Mar-2017

KRAVE Jerky general manager: It’s our flavors that differentiate us

KRAVE Jerky talks meat snacks at the Fancy Food Show

When KRAVE burst onto the scene in 2010, its all-natural credentials, premium packaging and gourmet flavors gave it a unique point of difference in the sluggish meat snacks market. Since then, however, scores of new entrants have started muscling in on its territory. So how can it stay ahead of the curve?

Published: 09-Feb-2017

The Good Bean: ‘We want to make bean nutrition accessible, delicious and affordable’

The Good Bean: Our bean snacks are accessible, delicious, affordable

If pulse-based snacks (made with beans, peas, chickpeas, or lentils) were seen as niche, ‘natural,’ products a few years ago, they are firmly in the mainstream in 2017, says the CEO of one firm on a mission to make beans “accessible, delicious and affordable.”

Published: 07-Feb-2017

Beet it: The Foraging Fox offers a new twist on ketchup

Foraging Fox unveils beet ketchup at fancy food show

Beets are making their way into everything from sports nutrition products to snacks, salads and juices, but do they belong in ketchup?

Published: 06-Feb-2017

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