Grape extract cuts fatty build-up in arteries

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A polyphenol extract made from selected red grapes from the south
of France has been shown to signficantly reduce lipid deposits in
arteries, and produced a greater effect than red wine, reports its

In animal tests carried out at the University of Nutrition in Montpellier, France, ExGrape Total, made by French company La Gardonnenque, reduced lipid deposits by 57 per cent compared to placebo and more than 20 per cent when compared to a red wine.

The findings were reported by lead researcher Professor J.M. Rouanet at the 1st International Conference of Polyphenols and Health in Vichy, France last November.

There is a growing body of evidence linking regular consumption of red wine to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, attributed to the powerful antioxidant effect of the polyphenols in red wine. Red wine has been shown to reduce oxidation of low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and therefore one of the risk factors for atherosclerosis.

Although the mechanisms for the prevention of early aortic atherosclerosis disease have not yet been fully explained, it was recently demonstrated that red wine polyphenols regulate endothelial NO synthase expression. Endothelial NO has anti-atherosclerosis properties by inhibiting platelet aggregation and reducing the influx of atherogenic monocytes.

Such findings have prompted growing demand for ingredients that can replicate the effects seen in studies on red wine, for use in supplements and the growing functional food market.

La Gardonnenque, one of the world's largest natural colorant makers, uses selected raw materials and a special extraction and purification process (without organic solvents) to develop a standardised profile of red wine polyphenols, including anthocyanins, OPCs and trans -resveratrol .

ExGrape Total can be added as a powder and dry blended with other ingredients in food supplements. It is also suitable for fruit beverages and confectionery.

For more information on this product, contact Dr Constantin Dallas​.

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