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Season Health brings prescription food services to health care plans across the country

Following his experience witnessing the effects of ingredient-and-recipe meal kit services on consumer health during his tenure as Plated's former CEO, Josh Hix now leads Season Health as its CEO. The company collaborates with health plan benefits to introduce prescription food programs, enhancing access to nutritious meals for patients, as he explained to FoodNavigator-USA.

Clean label innovation to power profits

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The next frontier of clean label innovation

Manufacturers around the world have reported increased profit from clean label initiatives. How can a clean label strategy can help power your business?

Pavle Stojkovic to serve as chief strategy officer, Omeat

Following the release of Omeat’s fetal bovine serum (FBS) replacement, Plenty, the company appointed Pavle Stojkovic to chief strategy officer, who will “focus on internal operational excellence” to continue its path towards scalable and sustainable cultivated...

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