2019/2020 Editorial Calendar

Editorial Schedule and Features List

July 2019What's for dinner tonight: The meal kit (r)evolution
August 2019Healthy snacking
September 2019Protein in focus: From plant-based protein to cultured meatEditorial webinar: Sports and fitness
October 2019Superfoods: What's new in functional food and beverage, from collagen to botanicals and probiotics
November 2019What's your social mission? From sustainable sourcing to FairtradeFoodNavigator-USA Summit, Chicago: Food for Kids
December 20191. Flavor trends
2. Most popular stories
January 2020How clean is your label?
February 2020Beverage trends: From oatmilk to kombucha
March 2020Hemp, CBD and cannabisEditorial webinar: Beverage trend watching
April 2020Functional foods, from botanicals to omega-3s
May 2020New directions for nuts: From peanut milk to walnut butterEditorial webinar: Where next for hemp and CBD?
June 2020IFT show previewWebinar: Snack bar trends: From collagen to adaptogens
July 2020IFT show highlights
August 2020Sugar reduction and sweeteners
September 2020Plant-based protein trends, from peas and chickpeas to water lentils
October 2020Fermentation 2.0: Biosynthesizing flavors, sweeteners, colors CBD, and proteinsWebinar: Plant-based meat in focus
November 2020Digestive health: From pro- and prebiotics to resistant starch
December 2020Flavor trends

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