2018/2019 Editorial Calendar

Editorial Schedule and Features List

July 20181. IFT show preview
2. HPP
August 2018IFT show highlights
September 2018Food regulation and litigationEditorial webinar: Snacking trends
October 2018Dairy innovation
November 2018Protein trendsF2F Event: FoodNavigator-USA Summit: FOOD FOR KIDS
December 20181. Most popular stories of the year
2. What's top of mind for food and beverage CEOs as we head into 2019
January 2019Flavor Trends
February 2019Natural and clean label trends
March 20191. Healthy beverages
2. Expo West, the highlights
April 2019Sweeteners and sugar reductionEditorial webinar: Sweeteners and sugar reduction
May 2019IFT show preview
June 20191. Food regulation and litigation: From Nutrition Facts to navigating GMO labeling
2. IFT show highlights
Digestive health
July 2019What's for dinner tonight: The meal kit (r)evolution
August 2019Healthy snacking
September 20191. Protein in focus: From plant-based protein to cultured meat Editorial webinar: Sports and fitness
October 2019Superfoods: What's new in functional food and beverage, from collagen to botanicals and probiotics
November 2019What's your social mission? From sustainable sourcing to FairtradeFoodNavigator-USA Summit: Protein
December 2019Flavor trends

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