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Should you be marketing on the metaverse?

By Natasha Spencer-Jolliffe & Jess Spiring

As one confectionery firm launches its own candyland on Roblox to appeal to young gamers, we explore the merits of brand-building in virtual reality

Source: Bobabam

Startup Spotlight

Bobabam built a devoted fan base with customizable at-home boba tea kits

By Deniz Ataman

Capitalizing on the boba tea boom during the pandemic, coupled with their love of the Taiwanese drink, Bobabam co-founders, Brian Khoddam, Ron Escopete and Bob Yau, leveraged their expertise in supply chain, foodservice, and data analysis to quickly launch...

Could sugarcane super crop cut cost of sugar? GettyImages/AlexandraFlorian

Could sugarcane super crop cut cost of sugar?

By Donna Eastlake

The cost of sugar has increased sharply in recent years. Now researchers believe gene editing could boost supplies. But how, and what does this mean for manufacturers?

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