Tweens, teens, millennials, boomers and seniors: What they want, and how to give it to them…

By Elaine WATSON

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Eat right from the womb to the tomb...
Eat right from the womb to the tomb...
Teenage girls need more calcium; boomers want more brain food; seniors need more high-quality protein… But how can food and supplement manufacturers develop more tailored products and targeted marketing to reach consumers at every different life stage?   

Find out more about how you are what your mother ate, why American teenage girls buy so much gum, why Millennials love snacks and why you need to adjust the taste, smell, texture and energy density of foods to appeal to shoppers in their twilight years in this FoodNavigator-USA special edition on life stages.

Life Stages 2012: Eating right from the womb to the tomb?


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Talking about my generation...

Kraft is targeting teens with its new iD gum

In the meantime, check out our new series of articles exploring how product developers and marketers can get closer to Millennials, the next generation of shoppers:

BASF: Millennials love new delivery formats… Above all, they love snacks!

We’ve heard from the branding experts and the market researchers. But what do ingredients firms working with some of the biggest names in food, beverages and supplements think about how to target Millennials?

How to sell more products using, totally, like, mind-blowing arcade games and you know, facebook…

What do teenagers want? Kraft, which has just launched a gum targeting this demographic, believes it has the answer….

Datamonitor: Millennials have a love-hate relationship with private labels…

Do consumers in their early 20s care as much about brands as their parents and grandparents? And if not, can retailers do more with private label ranges to attract young people?

Teen girls the likeliest US gum consumers, says NCA

American teenage girls are two times more likely to consume gum than the average US consumer, according to the US National Confectioner’s Association (NCA)…

Delivery format key to reaching Gen Y supplement users

Why new delivery formats are key to reaching Gen Y supplement users ...  

Making connections with young adults: ‘A new area for most European food companies’

Young adults in Europe are communicating with food brands in new ways – and expect an emotional connection through multiple online and offline media, according to director of innovation and insight at Mintel, David Jago...

Are you getting your share of the silver dollar?

Older consumers have different sensory and nutritional needs

R&D challenge: Developing texture-modified foods for the elderly

R&D challenge: Developing texture-modified foods for the elderly ...

Longer lifespans create new elderly nutrition concepts

Longer lifespans creates new elderly nutrition concepts ...

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